STORY FROM: Talcum Powder Litigation Report

New Study Says “Meta-Analysis Resulted in a Weak But Statistically Significant” Link Between Talc and Ovarian Cancer

HADDONFIELD, N.J. – A meta-analysis published this month in the European Journal of Cancer Prevention examined more than 20 studies, concluding that there is a “weak but statistically significant association between genital use of talc and ovarian cancer.”

The study, meta-analysis, published online on Jan. 11, concluded that the “heterogeneity of results by study design and the lack of a trend for duration and frequency of use, however, detract from a causal interpretation of this association.”

The analysis was conducted by Wear Berge, Kenneth Mundt, Hung Luu, and Paolo Boffetta.

Acknowledging that some epidemiological studies suggest an association between the ...

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