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Issue #4, July 2008

Reinsurer Accuses Investors, Holding Companies of Fraudulent Scheme

National Indemnity Co. has sued the owners of Seaton Insurance Co. and Stonewall Insurance Co. in federal court, accusing them of scheming to

Lloyd's Seeks Arbitration of $1.9 Million Dispute

Lloyd's of London is urging a federal judge to compel arbitration of its $1.9 million dispute with reinsurance broker B.D. Cooke

Allianz Has Priority Over Silverstein For 9/11 Recoveries

A federal judge has given an excess insurer priority over the World Trade Center's leaseholder in recoveries from 3rd parties for 9/11 damages

Lloyd's Urges Federal Judge To Deny Remand of $1.9 Million Case

Lloyd's of London is urging a judge to deny a motion to remand and compel arbitration of the $1.9 million dispute involving

Mediating Reinsurance Disputes

Peter A. Scarpato of Conflict Resolved discusses mediation as an ''effective but often misunderstood and underused process'' for resolving disputes

Cedent's Breach Leaves Reinsurers Off The Hook, U.K. Judge Rules

A cedent's breach of a condition precedent absolves its reinsurers of liability for an estimated $26.9 million in losses sustained by

Munich Re Fires Back in Battle Over $4.25 Million Settlement

Munich Reinsurance America Inc. has flatly denied allegations that it owes a self-insured retention pool $4.25 million

Rehabilitator Seeks $577,966 Default Judgment Against Captive

A rehabilitator seeks a default judgment against an offshore captive for sums allegedly owed under a workers' comp reinsurance agreement

Federal Judge Confirms Awards in EMLICO Redomestication Dispute

In the long-running dispute over coverage for environmental and asbestos claims, a federal judge confirmed two arbitration awards in which

Reinsurer Brings $1.5 Million Counterclaim in Ohio Action

A reinsurer has counterclaimed for return of $1.5 million in prejudgment interest

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