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Issue #11, February 2009

Reinsurer's $630,000 Offset Was Proper, State Court Rules

A reinsurer properly offset $630,000 in unpaid premiums when it paid a now-insolvent insurer the limits of a $2 million reinsurance policy

Issue #10, January 2009

Party-Appointed Arbitrators: Is There a Duty of Advocacy?

The authors discuss the desirability of partisan, non-neutral arbitrators as compared to international norms of strict neutrality

Reinsurance Arbitrations in a Sub-Prime Era

The recent collapse in the housing market as well as the market for mortgage-backed securities will continue to generate reinsurance disputes

OHIC Seeks Dismissal of Reinsurer's $1.5 Million Counterclaim

In an action involving one of Wisconsin's largest medical malpractice judgments, OHIC Insurance Co. seeks dismissal of a reinsurer's $1.5 million counterclaim

Federal Judge Orders Award Sealed Pending Confirmation Proceedings

A federal judge has sealed a final reinsurance arbitration award pending Century Indemnity Co.'s motion to confirm and

NICO Seeks Summary Judgment on Fraud Allegations

National Indemnity Co. (NICO) has moved for summary judgment on counterclaims that accuse it of scheming to control the runoff of Seaton Insurance Co. and

Clearwater Seeks Confirmation of $2 Million Award

Clearwater Insurance Co. seeks confirmation of a $2 million arbitration award rendered against a group of London Market reinsurers

ProNational, AXA Battle Over $1.7 Million

ProNational Insurance Co. is suing AXA Liabilities Managers Inc. for more than $1.7 million in reinsurance proceeds for the settlement of

Access General Entities Ask Judge to Toss Complaint

A group of reinsurance administrators have moved to dismiss Swiss Reinsurance America Corp.'s second amended complaint, which accuses them of

OneBeacon Demands $947,927 From Allied World

OneBeacon Insurance Co. has filed a suit in federal court against Allied World Insurance Company Ltd., seeking $947,927 in

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