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Issue #4, July 2008

Federal Judge Confirms Awards in EMLICO Redomestication Dispute

In the long-running dispute over coverage for environmental and asbestos claims, a federal judge confirmed two arbitration awards in which

Reinsurer Brings $1.5 Million Counterclaim in Ohio Action

A reinsurer has counterclaimed for return of $1.5 million in prejudgment interest

Program Manager Urges Judge To Toss Reinsurer's 3rd-Party Claims

In a dispute arising from a professional liability insurance program, an underwriter is urging a judge to dismiss a reinsurer's 3rd-party complaint

Collateral Source Rule Bars Reinsurance Evidence

Under Louisiana's collateral source rule, a hospital's professional liability insurer was not required to present evidence of reinsurance to jurors

Calif. Judge: Reinsurer Has No Duty to Pay $2.3M For Settlement

A reinsurer is not obligated to pay $2.3M for settlement of a medical malpractice action because the reinsured excess policy was "stand-alone" and did not

'Following Form' Provision Allows Insurer to Challenge Claim

A federal judge ruled that a "following form" provision, unlike a "follow the fortunes" provision, does not require an excess insurer to

Issue #3, June 2008

AIU, TIG Battle Over Production Of Commutation Info

A cedent seeks to compel a reinsurer to disclose commutation documents in a $12.3M action over reinsurance coverage for asbestos claims

Judge Orders London Reinsurers to Post $7.56M in Security

In a $12 million asbestos-related reinsurance case, a state judge ordered certain London reinsurers to post 7.56 million in pre-hearing security

$5M Securities Coverage Battle Remanded to State Court

A $5M action involving reinsurance coverage for the settlement of securities fraud actions against Doral Financial Corp. has been remanded to state court

Former Captive Brings $88.5M Suit Against ITT Industries

In an $85.5M action, ITT Industries Inc.'s former captive reinsurer is accusing the corporation of failing to indemnify it for massive losses arising from

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