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Issue #15, June 2009

Fraud Claims Against Ramona Tire Are Time-Barred, Judge Rules

Ramona Tire Inc. was granted judgment on claims that it underfunded its captive insurer in an effort to defraud Frontier Insurance Co. through a reinsurance

Amended Arbitration Act Renders Arbitration Clauses Valid, Enforceable

A 2008 amendment to the Oklahoma Uniform Arbitration Act is retroactive and renders the arbitration clauses in reinsurance contracts between

Cedents Must Pay $15 Million To Granite Re, 8th Circuit Affirms

An insurance holding company and its subsidiary is obligated to pay the entire $15 million premium for a five-year reinsurance contract even though

Accusations Fly Between AIG, Liberty Mutual in Workers' Comp Battle

Liberty Mutual Insurance Co. and its related entities have filed third-party counterclaims against American International Group Inc.

CNA Asserts Right To $1.7 Million in Commutation Dispute

CNA has filed an amended complaint in a $1.7 million dispute over whether its commutation agreement with SCOR

ProNational Urges Judge to Lift Stay, Decide Jurisdictional Issues

ProNational Insurance Co. is urging a federal judge to determine if he has jurisdiction over the issue of whether a $1.7 million reinsurance action

Federal Judge Allows 3rd Party Action Against Mosaic to Proceed

A federal judge has refused Mosaic Global Holdings Inc.'s request to dismiss a third-party action arising from a 1980 reinsurance agreement

Proposed Title Reinsurance Agreement Imposes No Fiduciary Duty

A joint venture agreement between a title reinsurer and certain title agencies that does not comply with the Ohio statute of frauds

Issue #14, May 2009

Century May Not Set Off $8 Million Against Sums Due Home

Century Insurance Co. may not set off $8 million against the $13 million in reinsurance proceeds it owes to the liquidator of Home Insurance Co.

Former Clifford Chance Partners Open Boutique Firm

Peter Chaffetz, David Lindsey, Charlie Scibetta and James Hosking have left Clifford Chance to launch Chaffetz Lindsey

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