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Issue #19, October 2009

$34.3 Million Action Remanded for Consideration of Arbitration Issue

An appellate court has remanded a $34.3 million action to a federal district court for a determination of whether misrepresentation claims brought against AIG

State Appellate Court Sends Reformation Claims to Trial

A state appellate court has ruled that a Gulf Insurance Co. is entitled to a trial on its claim for reformation of certain interests and liabilities contracts

Michigan Association Not Obligated To Pay Insurer, Judge Rules

The Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association is not obligated under Michigan's no-fault statute to reimburse an insurer for

Federal Judge Vacates $6 Million Award, Calls It 'Irrational'

A $6 million arbitration award issued in favor of Platinum Underwriters Bermuda Ltd. has been deemed "irrational" and vacated

Federal Judge Orders Arbitration of Collateral Dispute

A federal judge has ordered arbitration of a dispute over a settlement involving shareholders' obligations to provide additional collateral for

Judge Allows TIG to Proceed Against Aon in California State Court

A federal judge has thwarted a reinsurance broker's efforts to prevent TIG Insurance Co. from proceeding with a California lawsuit arising out of a

3rd Circuit Approves Settlement in Brokerage Antitrust Litigation

The 3rd Circuit approved the class settlement of certain consolidated cases of the consolidated insurance brokerage antitrust litigation arising from

Award of Attorney's Fees to Lloyd's Confirmed by Federal Judge

Arbitrators did not exceed their authority in ordering Argonaut Insurance Co. to pay attorneys' fees incurred by Certain Underwriters at Lloyd's London

Issue #18, September 2009

J.C. Penney Filed Class 5 Claim With Receiver, Court Affirms

A proof of claim filed with the receiver of Transit Casualty Co. by J.C. Penney Life Insurance Co. is a Class 5 general creditor claim

Home Liquidator Sues North Star for $2.2 Million

The liquidator of The Home Insurance Co. has sued North Star Reinsurance Corp. in federal court, seeking $2.2 million in reinsurance proceeds

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