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Issue #20, November 2009

Hartford Not Liable For G-I Holdings' Losses, Court Affirms

An asset purchase agreement and a quota share reinsurance agreement did not obligate Hartford Fire Insurance Co. to step into the shoes of an insolvent insurer

Federal Judge Refuses to Reconsider Order Appointing Umpire

federal judge has refused to reconsider an order in which she appointed N. David Thompson to oversee the arbitration of

Arbitrators Should Determine Validity of Arbitration Agreement, Court Affirms

Under the Federal Arbitration Act, arbitrators, not the court, should determine the scope and validity of an arbitration agreement

The Preclusive Effect of Collusive Foreign Court Judgments

Rollie Goss discusses the impact of the 2nd Circuit's decision in <i>Telenor Mobile Communications AS v. Altimo Holdings & Investments Limited</i>

Issue #19, October 2009

Retrocessional Dispute Was Properly Arbitrated, 3rd Circuit Affirms

A federal court properly compelled arbitration of a retrocessional dispute because the contracts at issue incorporated the arbitration

Judge Appoints N. David Thompson to Oversee Wausau Arbitration

A federal judge has appointed N. David Thompson to oversee the arbitration of a reinsurance contract dispute between Employers Insurance Company of Wausau and

$34.3 Million Action Remanded for Consideration of Arbitration Issue

An appellate court has remanded a $34.3 million action to a federal district court for a determination of whether misrepresentation claims brought against AIG

State Appellate Court Sends Reformation Claims to Trial

A state appellate court has ruled that a Gulf Insurance Co. is entitled to a trial on its claim for reformation of certain interests and liabilities contracts

Michigan Association Not Obligated To Pay Insurer, Judge Rules

The Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association is not obligated under Michigan's no-fault statute to reimburse an insurer for

Federal Judge Vacates $6 Million Award, Calls It 'Irrational'

A $6 million arbitration award issued in favor of Platinum Underwriters Bermuda Ltd. has been deemed "irrational" and vacated

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