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Issue #24, March 2010

Republic, Transatlantic, Agree to Arbitrate $35 Million Dispute

Republic Indemnity and Transatlantic Reinsurance Co. have agreed to arbitrate their dispute over reinsurance coverage for an underlying $35 million settlement

Insurer Says Agent Mishandled $1.88 Million in Reinsurance Claims

A cedent has amended its complaint against a managing general agent, alleging that the agent failed to properly transmit $1.88 million in losses to reinsurers

Question Certified to New York High Court in AIG Derivative Suit

New York's highest court will consider the question of whether the doctrine of <i>in pari delicto</i> bars a derivative claim

The Latest in Insurance-Linked Securities

John Pitblado of Jorden Burt discusses changes in the catastrophe bond market and the emergence of the longevity bond

Federal Judge Vacates Reinsurance Award for Evident Partiality

A federal judge has vacated a reinsurance arbitration award on grounds of evident partiality, ruling that the failure of two arbitrators to disclose

Issue #23, February 2010

Folksamerica Sues Ecuadorian Construction Company for $51,783

Folksamerica Reinsurance Co. has sued an Ecuadorian construction company and its president for $51,783 in indemnification

Federal Court Retains Jurisdiction Over MBIA Restructuring Dispute

A federal judge has refused to decline jurisdiction over a dispute arising from the restructuring of MBIA Insurance Corp., ruling that federal jurisdiction

Oregon Judge Refuses to Revisit Ruling Denying Protective Order

A federal judge has refused to reconsider an earlier ruling that denied TIG Specialty Insurance Co.'s motion for a protective order

Norcal May Pursue Claims Against Reinsurers, Court Rules

An insurer's failure to timely issue a nonrenewal notice to its policyholder automatically extended the policy by 60 days

Mutual Marine Petitions for Consolidated Arbitration

Mutual Marine Office Inc. is urging a federal judge to compel arbitration of an $868,000 dispute arising from a series of marine liability excess of loss

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