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Issue #26, May 2010

An Overview of <i>Stolt-Nielsen S.A. v. AnimalFeeds International Corp.</i>

In <i>Stolt-Nielsen S.A. v. AnimalFeeds International Corp.</i>, the Supreme Court clarified the impact of its decision in

Issue #25, April 2010

$1 Million Cap Applies to Cedent's Expenses, Judge Rules

A $1 million cap in a facultative reinsurance certificate issued by Global Reinsurance Corporation of America encompasses expenses

Medicus Urges Court to Spur Commutation Process

A cedent is urging a Texas federal judge to enjoin a reinsurer from arbitrating a reinsurance contract and submit to commutation

Cedent May Proceed With Suit Against Reinsurance Brokers

A New York appellate court has upheld a trial court's refusal to dismiss a lawsuit against a reinsurance broker, brought in the wake of

Court Refuses to Reconsider <i>Vacatur</i> of Attorney Fee Award

A state appellate court has refused to reconsider its decision to vacate a portion of an arbitration award granting

Liberty Mutual Asks Court to Tap Umpire in Equitas Arbitration

Liberty Mutual Insurance Co. is urging a federal judge to appoint an umpire in its dispute with Equitas Insurance Co. over

<i>Powershare Inc. v. Syntel</i>: An Analysis

In a case of first impression, the 1st Circuit, in <i>Powershare Inc. v. Syntel Inc.</i>, held that the appropriate standard of review to be utilized by

Stop-Loss Coverage Issued to Benefit Plans is 'Reinsurance,' Court Rules

Stop-loss coverage issued to self-funded employee benefit plans is "reinsurance" under Texas law and cannot be regulated by the state insurance department

ProNational Ordered to Arbitrate Dispute with Non-Signatory

A federal judge has ordered arbitration of a $1.7 million reinsurance action brought by ProNational Insurance Co. against

Gettysburg Must Post $660,389 in Security, Judge Rules

An unauthorized reinsurer must post $660,389 in pre-pleading security in a reinsurance contract dispute with Arrowood Insurance Co.

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