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Reinsurer Denied Final Judgment in Battle Over Coverage for Fire Truck Collision

A California federal court has denied reinsurer Argonaut Insurance Co.’s motion to issue a final judgment in its favor in a dispute over liability for an underlying settlement of claims arising from a fire truck collision, explaining that an appeal of a previous ruling may still occur.

Equitas Ordered to Pay Cedent $1.25 Million in Prejudgment Interest

After ordering Equitas Insurance Ltd. to pay The Insurance Company of the State of Pennsylvania $7,234,125 for its settlement of pollution claims brought against Dole Food Co., a New York federal judge has awarded the insurer $1,250,597.81 in prejudgment interest.

Greenlight Re Seeks Dismissal of Insurance Agent’s Reinsurance Premium Lawsuit

Greenlight Reinsurance Ltd. has moved to dismiss an insurance agent’s claims that the reinsurer is barred from seeking a return of premiums for a reinsurance agreement, arguing that the agent has failed to plausibly allege an “actual controversy” as required by the Declaratory Judgment Act.

French Reinsurer Moves to Dismiss Fla. Theatre’s COVID-19 Coverage Action

French reinsurer SCOR SE has moved to dismiss a Florida theatre’s federal lawsuit seeking coverage for COVID-19-related losses, arguing that it is not a party to the policy issued by its subsidiary, therefore it owes no duty to the insured.

'Custom and Practice on Treatment of Expenses in Facultative Certificates: The Road Back from Bellefonte Re'

Regular contributor Robert M. Hall explains how proper use of custom and practice (alongside determined and creative lawyering) appear to have reversed the effect of bad rulings in Bellefonte Re and its progeny.

AmTrust Urges N.Y. Federal Judge to Correct $1.6 Million Judgment in Reinsurance Dispute

AmTrust Insurance Co. is urging a New York federal judge to add $459,625.22 to a judgment requiring Signify Insurance Ltd. to post $1.6 million to secure its obligations under a reinsurance agreement, arguing that it is reflected in the court’s decision.

D.C. Federal Judge Allows Jurisdictional Discovery in $934 Million Reinsurance Action

A Washington, D.C., federal judge has allowed plaintiffs to conduct jurisdictional discovery in an action in which they seek $934 million in withdrawal liability payments from offshore reinsurer Cardem Insurance Company Ltd.

Health Insurer Says Reinsurer Breached Contract by Denying $950,742 Claim

A health insurer has sued American National Insurance Co. in Michigan federal court, accusing it of breaching a reinsurance contract by refusing to pay a nearly $1 million claim.

Insurance Agent Sues Greenlight Re Over Amended 'Claw Back' Provision

An insurance agent is seeking a ruling that Greenlight Reinsurance Ltd. is barred from seeking a return of premiums for a quota share reinsurance agreement, arguing that the terms of the commission scheme have since been amended.

'Do Arbitration Panels Have the Authority to Order Remote Arbitrations?'

Regular contributor Robert M. Hall examines selected case law on the authority of arbitration panels to order remote arbitrations.

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