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Issue #2, December 2002

Panel Upholds Award to Carpenter Exposed to Silica Dust for Six Days

A workers' compensation appeals panel has upheld a finding that a former carpenter exposed to silica dust over a period of about a week suffered a work-related injury and is entitled to compensation

Sandblaster with Silicosis Entitled to Benefits Based on Wage Earned Nearly A Decade Before Diagnosis, Commissioner Rules

A North Carolina workers' compensation commissioner has awarded benefits to a man who developed silicosis after spending six years as a sandblaster in a work environment rendered unsafe

Order Sets Discovery Guidelines for June 2003 Trials of 'Impaired' Silica Claimants

Judges overseeing the consolidated silica proceedings in Cuyahoga County, Ohio, have issued a case management order outlining the manner in which the nearly 300 silica lawsuits pending in that venue

Silica Plaintiffs Seek Consolidation After Defendants' Successful Request in Nearby County

Following a recently granted defense motion to consolidate several silica claims in Hinds County, Miss., plaintiffs in two cases filed in nearby Copiah County have now moved to join their claims

Defendant Urges Mississippi Court to Sever Silica Claims

Defendant 3M, named in a Mississippi silica case involving 19 plaintiffs and more than 50 additional defendants, has moved the court to sever the claims arguing that the confusion created by the circumstances

Sandblaster's Lung Cancer Case Settles in Texas

One of the first cases to allege lung cancer as a result of exposure to silica dust has been settled before going to trial in a Texas district court

Defendants in Mississippi Silica Cases Seek Order for Judge's Recusal

Defendants in two silica cases filed in Mississippi have petitioned the state Supreme Court in an effort to force a trial court judge to recuse himself from hearing the cases

Silica Case Ends Mid-Trial with $2.3 Million Settlement

A trial involving a former sandblaster who allegedly developed silicosis as a result of his exposure to silica dust has ended with a settlement that will total more than $2 million

Last Day of Work is Date of Disability for Foundry Worker with Silicosis

The date of disability for a progressive occupational disease is set at the time an employee stops working as a result of his injury, not several years earlier when he undergoes an employer-required medical examination that revealed

Defense Verdict in Silica Case Filed by Ex-Foundry Workers

A jury has found in favor of two silica defendants following a trial over allegations that their negligence caused several former foundry workers to develop silicosis

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