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Excess Insurer Not Bound by Decision of Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board, Calif. Judge Rules

An excess insurer may litigate the date of injury in a coverage dispute arising from a multiple myeloma workers' compensation claim, a California federal magistrate judge has ruled, explaining that the insurer is not bound by the decision of the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board.

Issue #152, June 2015

Parties in Florida Toluene Exposure Suit Reach Settlement Agreement

Parties in a toluene exposure suit pending in Florida have reached a settlement agreement, according to a notice filed recently in federal court.

Ill. Federal Court: Policy Exclusion Bars Coverage for Underlying Mold, Fungi Exposure Claims

An Illinois federal court has awarded summary judgment to an insurer in a declaratory judgment action, finding it did not owe a property management company a duty to defend in an underlying mold exposure suit.

C-8 MDL Issues Pretrial Order, Allows Plaintiffs Additional Time to Respond to Exhibits

The federal court overseeing the coordinated docket for those claiming injuries from exposure to C-8 has issued another pretrial order, in part allowing the plaintiffs additional time to provide a list of exhibits that were cited by or testified to by DuPont’s experts.

6th Circuit Affirms ALJ’s Award of Black Lung Benefits to Former Blaster

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit has upheld an award of Black Lung benefits to a former blaster, finding that the claimant was entitled to a 15-year presumption of eligibility, despite the fact that he did not work in an underground mine.

Missouri Lawsuit Says PCB Exposure Caused Multiple Plaintiffs’ Blood Cancers

Residents of several states have filed a lawsuit in Missouri, alleging that they developed blood cancer as a result of exposure to polychlorinated biphenyls.

Defendants Named in TCE Lawsuit Remove Case to Ky. Federal Court; Cite Diversity Jurisdiction

Several defendants have removed a TCE exposure suit to federal court in Kentucky, contending that the only non-diverse defendants in the in utero exposure case have been dismissed.

Issue #151, May 2015

Calif. Appellate Court Reinstates Diacetyl Exposure Action, Finds Questions of Fact Exist as to Timeliness

A California appellate court has reinstated a diacetyl exposure lawsuit against BASF Corp. and other corporate entities, ruling that a trial court erred in dismissing the action as untimely because issues of fact exist as to whether the plaintiff was aware of his lung disease and its alleged cause before November 2006.

Shell Oil Co. Moves to Dismiss Toluene Complaint for Third Time; Says ‘No Toluene Defect Exists’

Shell Oil Co. has moved to dismiss a toluene exposure complaint for the third time, saying that, despite two opportunities to fix pleading deficiencies, the plaintiffs have still not identified the toluene, the defendant’s connection to the toluene or the alleged toluene defect.

DuPont’s Attempts to Compel Discovery Responses from C-8 Plaintiffs Denied

DuPont’s attempts to compel discovery responses from plaintiffs asserting C-8 personal injury claims have been denied by an Ohio federal court, which opined in part that the information sought by the defendant does not narrow the issues for trial.

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