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Issue #150, May 2020

Texas Federal Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Against Makers of Popular Antibiotics

A Texas federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit alleging a link between certain popular antibiotics and a penis condition known as Peyronie’s disease, ruling that the plaintiff failed to overcome the presumption of no liability for labels approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

Conn. High Court Refuses to Overturn Defense Verdict in Pradaxa Wrongful Death Case

The Connecticut Supreme Court has refused to overturn a verdict in favor of Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals Inc. (BIPI) in a Pradaxa wrongful death action, agreeing with the trial court that the plaintiff’s design defect claim is preempted by federal law.

Bankruptcy Order Bars Claims Against Eastman Kodak in Medical Imaging Dye Case, Judge Rules

A New Jersey federal judge has dismissed Eastman Kodak Inc. from a lawsuit alleging injuries caused by a medical imaging dye, ruling that a federal bankruptcy court order bars the plaintiffs’ claims because they were afforded due process.

BHR Hip MDL Judge Refuses to Further Limit Scope of Ex Parte Conversations

The judge overseeing the federal BHR Hip MDL docket has denied Smith & Nephew’s request for an amended order further limiting the scope of ex parte conversations between surgeons and plaintiff’s counsel, finding no justification for such an order.

Nevada Would Adopt Learned Intermediary Doctrine, Federal Judge Predicts

In addressing defendants’ motion for summary judgment in an Ethicon pelvic mesh action, a Nevada federal judge has predicted the state supreme court would apply the learned intermediary doctrine in product liability failure-to-warn cases.

Conn. Man Sues Smith & Nephew, Heraeus Over Failed Artificial Knee

A Connecticut man has sued Smith & Nephew Inc. and a bone cement manufacturer, alleging his artificial knee prematurely failed, causing him severe injuries, requiring multiple surgeries.

N.J. Federal Judge Refuses to Remand GBCA Case, Says Complaint Raises Claims under Federal Law

A New Jersey federal judge has refused to remand a gadolinium-based contrast agent (GBCA) case to state court, ruling that the complaint raises claims “that necessarily depend on resolution of a substantial question of federal law.”

Ga. Attorney Says High Levels of Carcinogen in Zantac Caused Colon Cancer

A Georgia lawyer has hit the makers of Zantac with a federal lawsuit, alleging that “staggering amounts” of N-nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA) in the popular over-the-counter antacid caused his stage 3 colon cancer.

FDA Warns Against Use of Hydroxychloroquine in Non-Hospitalized COVID-19 Patients

The Food and Drug Administration has cautioned consumers and health professionals against using hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine to treat non-hospitalized patients for COVID-19 or to prevent the virus, explaining that it can lead to life-threatening heart rhythm problems.

Ill. Federal Judge Finds Claims in Ethicon Pelvic Mesh Action Time-Barred

An Illinois federal judge has awarded Johnson & Johnson and Ethicon Inc. summary judgment on the remaining claims in a pelvic mesh action, finding they are time-barred under the state’s two-year statute of limitations.

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