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Issue #1, January 2002

Illinois Class Action Complaint Alleges Defective Dialyzers Killed Over 56 Patients

A class action lawsuit filed against Baxter International, Inc., and Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing Co. (3M) alleges that Baxter's A, AF and AX series dialyzers

Second Circuit Affirms That Drug Manufacturer Is Not Liable for Drug-related Death

The Second Circuit has affirmed a Connecticut court's ruling that the "learned intermediary" doctrine insulates a drug manufacturer

Class Action Lawsuit Seeks Research and Monitoring Program for 30 Million Children

Medical monitoring class action lawsuits have been filed in nine states, including Oregon, by the Mercury Vaccine Alliance against

Pennsylvania Federal Court Dismisses Inmate's Paxil Action Without Prejudice

A Pennsylvania federal court has dismissed a prisoner's lawsuit against GlaxoSmithKline

Utah Federal Court Declines to Apply Collateral Estoppel to Paxil Suicide Case

A Utah federal court has declined to apply offensive, non-mutual collateral estoppel resulting from a 2001 Wyoming jury verdict to a Paxil case

Va. Federal Court Finds Joinder of Non-Diverse Defendant Fraudulent in Oxycontin Suit

A Virginia federal court has ruled that plaintiffs' attempt to add a non-diverse defendant three days after

Alabama Woman Alleges Ephedra and Caffeine in Metabolife Caused Stroke

A 19-year-old woman from Jefferson County, Ala. has filed suit against the makers of Metabolife after she suffered a stroke

Philadelphia Court Rules Plaintiffs' Claims Are Legally Sufficient to Proceed

A Philadelphia trial court has overruled preliminary defense objections to a lawsuit seeking to recover

Philadelphia PPA Cases Consolidated; Plaintiffs File Long Form Complaint

In an effort to secure the just, speedy and inexpensive determination of individual PPA lawsuits

N.J. Order Stays PPA Litigation, Appoints Liaison Counsel

Following consolidation of New Jersey cases involving the over-the-counter drug additive phenylpropanolamine (PPA)

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