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Issue #3, March 2002

The Warnings Page: New Advisories Issued On Paxil, Lotronex, Zyban, and Herbal Supplement SPES/PC SPES

Pharmaceutical Litigation and Permanent Partnership

Mississippi Judge Halves $100 Million Propulsid Verdict

The Mississippi judge who presided over the first trial of personal injury claims filed on behalf of those who used the recalled heartburn drug Propulsid has cut the $100 million verdict in half

Fifth Circuit Rules Duract Plaintiffs Have No Standing Absent Injury

A federal circuit court in Texas has ruled that plaintiffs in a breach of warranty lawsuit seeking economic damages against Wyeth-Ayerst Laboratories have no standing to bring suit, because they did not suffer injury

Plaintiffs Failed to Show Zoloft Misrepresentation Caused Boy's Suicide, Kansas Judge Rules

Plaintiffs claiming that defendant Pfizer's alleged misrepresentation of the antidepressant Zoloft caused or contributed to their 13-year-old son's suicide have not shown general or proximate causation

Lamisil's Liver Toxicity Warnings Were Adequate, Fifth Circuit Rules

The plaintiff had developed cholestatic hepatitis after beginning a 12-week course of Lamisil, which his dermatologist prescribed for the treatment of his chronic toenail fungus infection

Court Rules Joinder of Metabolife Distributors Not Fraudulent

A federal district court has ruled that two independent distributors of Metabolife named in a product liability suit were not fraudulently joined

Bayer Denies Allegations in Class Action, Asserts Class Certification Is Improper

Drugmaker Bayer Corp. has filed its answer to a plaintiff's class action complaint denying all allegations and asserting, among others, an affirmative defense that no common questions

Discovery and Trial Schedule Set in New Jersey State Rezulin Litigation

A New Jersey district court has set a loose schedule of events for its consolidated Rezulin litigation following a recent case management conference

OxyContin Time-Release Feature Flawed, Lawsuit Alleges

The complaint alleges that the defendants concealed their knowledge of the flaw and significantly downplayed the addiction risks of OxyContin

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