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Issue #2, February 2002

Plaintiffs File Suit Against Bayer Seeking Class Certification and Medical Monitoring Fund

Alleging numerous Baycol-related injuries, three plaintiffs have filed a class action lawsuit in federal court in Arkansas seeking, among other things, to establish

Three-Phase Medical Monitoring Class Action Trial Proposed in Propulsid MDL

The plaintiffs' steering committee in MDL 1355 has submitted a preliminary trial plan for medical monitoring and restitution class claims, outlining three phases

Class Action Certification Discovery Schedule Set in Propulsid MDL

In an order superseding Pretrial Order No. 15 in the Propulsid MDL, Judge Fallon has established a schedule for the conduct of discovery related to

Gulf War Vet Claims Injuries Are Related to Thimerosal-Containing Vaccines

A Gulf War veteran who recently quit his job as a commercial airline pilot because of symptoms he alleges are linked to inoculations he received before and after the war has sued several pharmaceutical companies

First Case Management Order Entered in Baycol MDL

The first case management order has been entered by the judge overseeing the national consolidation of federal Baycol lawsuits in the U.S. District Court in Minnesota.

Texas Jury Awards Rezulin Victim's Family $25 Million; $1.5 Million in Punitive Damages Also Assessed

A jury in Hidalgo County, Texas, has awarded $24.96 million to the family of a woman who died after taking Rezulin for three months

International Class Representatives Added to Baycol Class Action Lawsuit

On Jan. 14, class representatives from six countries were added to a worldwide class action Baycol liability and negligence lawsuit previously filed in an Illinois district court against Bayer's German and American counterparts.

Jury Should Determine Whether Attorneys Were Negligent in Omitting Drug Manufacturers in Declomycin Claim, N.J. App. Ct. Rules

A New Jersey state appeals court has reinstated a legal malpractice suit against a law firm that failed to include a drug manufacturer

Redaction of Identifying Information in Medical Records Set by Judge Kaplan in Rezulin MDL

After plaintiffs and defendants in the Rezulin MDL failed to reach an agreement on what identifying information would be redacted

California Court Denies Class Certification to Rezulin Plaintiffs

A California state court has denied class certification to a class of plaintiffs who alleged that Rezulin manufacturer Warner-Lambert Co. deceived

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