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Issue #81, September 2008

Judge Rules Decades-Old Accutane Injury Barred by Statute of Repose

A plaintiff who sued the maker of Accutane nearly 20 years after he ingested the drug is barred by the Texas statute of repose from asserting

Missouri High Court Allows HRT Injury Cases to Proceed

The Missouri Supreme Court has ruled that a trial court did not err in refusing to dismiss a group of hormone therapy drug injury cases for forum non conveniens

Zelnorm Fraud, Warning Claims Don't Create Federal Issues, Judge Rules

A judge has remanded a Zelnorm personal injury claim to state court, despite a resident defendant's contention that doing so would upset

Federal Judge Denies GSK Summary Judgment in Teen Suicide Case

Claims linking Paxil to a teenager's suicide are not preempted because the company may have had evidence warranting the addition of a suicide warning

11th Cir. Affirms Learned Intermediary Ruling in Prozac Case

The 11th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals has upheld an award of summary judgment to Eli Lilly in a Prozac suicide case, agreeing that the plaintiff failed

Court Affirms Exclusion of Expert Who Linked Accutane and Bowel Disease

A federal appeals court upheld a district court's decision to exclude general causation evidence from a plaintiffs' expert

Federal Judge Says Removal of Painkiller Patch Action was Timely

Defendants' removal of a Duragesic patch action to federal court was not untimely because their filing was within 30 days of

State Appeals Court Finds Dismissal Sanction Too Harsh

A trial court acted too harshly when it sanctioned a plaintiff for her attorney's malfeasance by dismissing her Lipitor injury case with prejudice

MDL Judge Remands Three Actions to State Court; Retains 4th

A New York federal judge presiding over the Fosamax MDL litigation has remanded three actions to state courts in California, Florida and Illinois

Issue #80, August 2008

Pre-service Removal Was Proper in Anti-Seizure Drug Case, Judge Rules

A judge has denied remand in a case alleging injury caused by an anti-seizure medication, ruling that removal to federal court was proper, even though

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