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Issue #3, March 2002

OxyContin Time-Release Feature Flawed, Lawsuit Alleges

The complaint alleges that the defendants concealed their knowledge of the flaw and significantly downplayed the addiction risks of OxyContin

Documents Produced by Clinical Investigators for Rezulin MDL Protected

The federal court in New York overseeing Rezulin multidistrict litigation has set forth guidelines to ensure that certain documents produced by clinical investigators

Plaintiffs in a Metabolife 356 Case Fail to Establish Predominance, District Court Denies Class Certification

According to a Jan. 25 decision, the plaintiffs' request for class certification in a Metabolife 356 product liability case has been denied because predominance was not established.

Lawsuit Filed Against S.C. Doctors, Pharmacists, and Manufacturers of OxyContin

A Jan. 28 lawsuit alleges that the S.C. doctors and pharmacists that prescribed OxyContin, along with the companies that manufacture and distribute the drug, caused the plaintiffs to suffer death, addiction and withdrawal symptoms.

American Home Products Reaches Settlement in Tainted Arthritis Drug Case

Parties in a case that alleged an arthritis drug was contaminated with a beta blocker, causing the plaintiff to suffer from an overdose

Confidentiality Requirements Set Forth For Third Party Documents in Rezulin MDL

To ensure that confidential documents are afforded adequate protection, the federal court overseeing Rezulin multidistrict litigation has outlined requirements

Pa. Trial Court Finds Plaintiff's Propulsid Claims Insufficient

A trial court has found that a plaintiff's breach of express warranty and unfair trade practices claims against Johnson & Johnson and Janssen

Prior Depositions of Warner-Lambert Employees To Be Incorporated in Rezulin MDL Depositions

Judge Lewis Kaplan of the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York has ordered that deposition testimony of current and former Warner-Lambert employees

Rezulin Did Not Cause Woman's Death, Maryland Jury Finds

After only one hour of deliberation, the six-person jury returned a verdict in favor of defendant Pfizer Inc., which acquired Warner-Lambert after Rezulin was withdrawn from the market

Lawsuit Alleges SV40 in Polio Vaccine Caused Tumor

A New Jersey man has sued several pharmaceutical companies claiming a monkey virus that contaminated the oral polio vaccines he received in the late 1960s caused him to develop

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