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Issue #82, October 2008

Scant Detail in Complaint Saves Prednisone Claims From Dismissal

A California man's complaint alleging injury caused by the drug Prednisone doesn't contain enough detail to provide a basis for dismissing

Pfizer Settles Bulk of Bextra, Celebrex Litigation for $900 Million

Pfizer announced that it has reached a deal worth nearly $900 million to settle litigation filed against the company by users of its arthritis drugs

Recanted Prempro Testimony Would Have Altered Verdict, Judge Says

A judge has affirmed a decision to vacate a nearly $1.5 million Prempro award, finding that jurors would never have returned the verdict if they heard

Levaquin Plaintiffs Can't be Joined to Single Complaint, Judge Rules

A federal judge has rejected an attempt by plaintiffs from the same district to join their Levaquin claims in a single complaint

State High Court to Hear Appeal of Vioxx Preemption Ruling

The New Jersey Supreme Court has agreed to hear the appeal of a nearly $4.5 million Vioxx verdict and whether jurors properly considered the preemptive

N.J. Zelnorm Cases Centralized, But Without 'Mass Tort' Designation

The New Jersey Supreme Court has transferred all pending Zelnorm injury cases to a single judge, but took the unusual step of

Federal Judge Grants Adventis Summary Judgment in Insulin Case

A Puerto Rico federal judge granted Adventis Pharma summary judgment in a Lantus wrongful death lawsuit, ruling that

MDL Court Retains W. Va. Attorney General's Suit Against Lilly

A New York federal judge has refused to remand a Zyprexa lawsuit brought by the West Virginia attorney general against Eli Lilly & Co.

Federal Judge Sends Paxil Teen Suicide Case to Trial

A federal judge has denied GlaxoSmithKline summary judgment in a Paxil lawsuit, ruling that issues of material fact exist as to

Court: Vaccine Makers Not Immune from Thimerosal Design Defect Claim

A state Supreme Court has allowed design defect claims to proceed against the manufacturer of a vaccine that allegedly caused

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