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Issue #83, November 2008

Court: Failure-to-Warn Claims Against Generic Drug Manufacturers Preempted

A federal court has dismissed state law failure-to-warn claims in three cases brought against generic drug manufacturers

Judge Says Depo-Provera Injury Isn't Compensable, Upholds Judgment

A Depo-Provera plaintiff who blamed her attorney for failing to submit a timely motion to reconsider summary judgment would not

Gadolinium Plaintiff Can Sue Manufacturers, Health Care Facility

A non-diverse health care provider was not fraudulently joined to a complaint for injuries allegedly cause by a gadolinium contrast dye

Federal Judge Refuses to Extend Duty to Brand Name Reglan Manufacturer

A judge has ruled that state law does not permit an individual allegedly injured by a generic drug to pursue negligent misrepresentation

Judge Says FDA Permits Change in Generic Labels, Refuses Preemption Bid

Generic drug manufacturers can strengthen their warning labels without violating FDA rules, which prevent such changes only during

Washington State Zicam Class Action Fails Certification Test

A judge has denied class certification for a group of Zicam users who claimed that their use of the homeopathic cold remedy caused

Court Says Wyeth Owes Duty for Injury Caused by Generic Reglan

Brand-name drug manufacturers owe a duty to provide warnings not only to consumers who take the drug, but also to those whose doctors foreseeably

Negligence Claims Survive Pfizer Challenge to Pennsylvania Chantix Suit

A plaintiff who claims he was hospitalized with a psychotic disorder after taking Chantix may proceed only with his negligence-based

Judge Cites Adequate Warning in Dismissal of Accutane Wrongful Death Claim

A Florida judge has ruled that the suicide warnings on labeling for Accutane are adequate under New York law

Issue #82, October 2008

Judge Says Hospital Fraudulently Joined to Zyprexa Wrongful Death Action

A hospital sued over the wrongful death of a woman who suffered a heart attack after taking Zyprexa was fraudulently joined to the complaint

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