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Issue #4, April 2002

Family Sues Lipokinetix Maker, Fitness Center for Woman's Death

The family of a woman who died after taking the dietary supplement Lipokinetix has sued the product's manufacturers and the fitness center where she bought the supplement, claiming they were aware it was dangerous and could cause fatal liver injuries

The Beginning of the Baycol MDL

Plaintiff co-lead counsel Charles S. "Bucky" Zimmerman of Zimmerman Reed and Richard A. Lockridge of Lockridge Grindal Nauen, P.L.L.P., both in Minneapolis, spoke with HarrisMartin Publishing about where the Baycol MDL currently stands.

Defendants Deem Propulsid MDL Plaintiffs' Class Action Trial Plan Inadequate

Defendants in MDL 1355 have filed their response to plaintiffs' master class action preliminary trial plan, in which they detail several reasons as to how the trial plan is inadequate

$2 Million Lawsuit Filed Against Makers of DES

A lawsuit filed against Eli Lilly in federal district court in Washington alleges that the plaintiff's birth defects were caused by her mother's ingestion of the drug DES

California Lawsuit Alleges Baycol Contributed to Death of Plaintiff's Wife

A lawsuit has been filed in California state court against the makers of the cholesterol-lowering drug Baycol, contending that the companies

Kentucky OxyContin Plaintiffs Denied Class Certification

Despite plaintiffs' attempt to withdraw the motion, a federal court in Kentucky has denied class certification to plaintiffs

First Case Management Order Entered in Philadelphia Baycol Litigation

An initial case management order has been entered in the recently consolidated Baycol proceedings in Philadelphia

Causation Testimony, Settlement Packages Subject of N.J. Propulsid Case Management Order

Following a February liaison counsel conference, a case management order concerning medical causation testimony and

Issue #3, March 2002

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Spending on Direct-to-Consumer Drug Advertising Up $1.7 Billion; Remains Secondary to Other Marketing Strategies

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