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Issue #79, July 2008

Antibiotics Will Contain New Black Box Warning, FDA Says

The FDA has ordered manufacturers of potent systemic a ntibiotic drugs to include a strict warning on their labels

Federal Judge Dismisses 3 of 4 Remicade Defendants

A federal judge has dismissed three of the four defendants in a lawsuit alleging injuries arising from the ingestion of Centocor Inc.'s Remicade

Vaccine Counsel Ordered to Attend Ethics CLE for Issuing Subpoena

The plaintiffs' attorney in a mercury exposure case issued the subpoena to gain access to information about a post on an autism advocacy web site

Judge Says FDA Regs Prevented Label Change, Finds Claims Preempted

Failure-to-warn claims asserted against manufacturers of generic drugs are preempted because the warning labels cannot be unilaterally altered

Minn. Federal Judge Dismisses Duragesic Lawsuit

A Minnesota federal judge dismissed a wrongful death action against the maker of a transdermal patch, ruling that the case has no connection to the state

Issue #78, June 2008

Journal Top Ten -- COLUMNS-Drugs & Supplements -- June 2008

The authors examined the possible link of thiazolidinedione (rosiglitazone)-induced fluid retention to cardiac decompensation

Teamsters Say Vioxx Settlement Left ERISA Plans Out in the Cold

A suit was filed on behalf of ERISA health plans that seek reimbursement for Vioxx-related medical bills paid on behalf of settlement participants

Judge Says Injury Claims Linked to Generic Painkiller are Preempted

Failure-to-warn claims filed against a manufacturer of a generic drug are preempted by federal law when the generic's labeling is identical

Panel Creates MDL for Levaquin Tendon Rupture Claims

Federal lawsuits alleging injury caused by the antibiotic Levaquin have been transferred to a single judge in Minnesota

Pa. Federal Judge Remands Advair Suit to State Court

A suit against GlaxoSmithKline in relation to its asthma drugs was remanded to state court because the plaintiff's claims of inadequate labeling do not

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