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Issue #1, January 2002

Philadelphia Court Rules Plaintiffs' Claims Are Legally Sufficient to Proceed

A Philadelphia trial court has overruled preliminary defense objections to a lawsuit seeking to recover

Philadelphia PPA Cases Consolidated; Plaintiffs File Long Form Complaint

In an effort to secure the just, speedy and inexpensive determination of individual PPA lawsuits

N.J. Order Stays PPA Litigation, Appoints Liaison Counsel

Following consolidation of New Jersey cases involving the over-the-counter drug additive phenylpropanolamine (PPA)

Wyoming Class Action Complaint Seeks Trust for Medical Monitoring of Propulsid Users

Five Wyoming residents have filed suit against Johnson & Johnson and Janssen Pharmaceutica seeking to certify

Propulsid MDL Order Establishes Plaintiffs' Litigation Expense Fund

The Propulsid Products Liability MDL has issued a pretrial order establishing a litigation expense fund

Pretrial Order Resolves Move to Consolidate All Pending Propulsid Cases

An order has been entered in the Propulsid MDL, effectively negating the need for defendants' motion to stay

Houston Jury Returns Defense Verdict in Rezulin Lawsuit

A Houston jury has found in favor of defendant Warner-Lambert Co. in one of the first Rezulin

W. Va. Circuit Court Denies Class Certification to Rezulin Plaintiffs

A West Virginia circuit court has concluded that several plaintiffs seeking to certify a Rezulin class action

Insurer Class Action Seeking Recovery of Rezulin and Rezulin-related Costs Dismissed

The New York federal court overseeing Rezulin multidistrict litigation has dismissed a consolidated class action lawsuit seeking to recover

Judge Kaplan Finds Misjoined Defendants and Plaintiffs on Motions to Remand

In the latest set of plaintiffs seeking remands to state court in the consolidated pretrial proceedings for Rezulin

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