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Issue #84, December 2008

Aredia/Zometa Failure-to-Warn Claims Are Preempted, Judge Rules

Plaintiffs alleging injury caused by Aredia and Zometa have had their claims based on failure to warn dismissed as preempted

Federal Court Sends Wrongful Death Pain Patch Case to Trial

A federal magistrate judge has sent a Duragesic patch case to trial, ruling that issues of fact exist as to whether a woman's death resulted from a defect

Plaintiffs' Claims Against Wyeth Are Not Judicially Estopped

A woman who claims that she was injured by the diet drug Pondimin is not judicially estopped from suing Wyeth Inc. because

Judge Allows Plaintiff to Dismiss Bellwether Fosamax Case

A federal judge has allowed a plaintiff to voluntarily dismiss her bellwether Fosamax case, despite Merck's attempt to keep it active

Judge Allows Joinder of Doctor to Defeat Diversity in Generic Paxil Case

A federal judge has permitted a plaintiff to rejoin a physician and the practice where he worked as defendants in a generic Paxil wrongful death suit

Federal Judge Bars Plaintiffs From Adding GSK Entities to Suit

A federal judge has denied plaintiffs' request to add as defendants GlaxoSmithKline's parent company and its research and development division

Judge Orders GSK to Produce Advertising Costs, Profits

A federal judge has ordered GlaxoSmithKline to produce information relating to sums it spent on

Louisiana Judge Dismisses Claims Against Generic Paxil Maker

A federal judge has dismissed wrongful death claims brought against the maker of generic Paxil, ruling that the plaintiffs failed to

Appeals Court Orders New Vioxx Trial Based on Juror Misconduct

A Texas appeals court has held that a Vioxx plaintiff carried her burden of showing that her husband's heart attack was caused by Vioxx, but reversed

Consumer Group Urges FDA to Immediately Ban Avandia

The advocacy group Public Citizen has petitioned the FDA to ban the diabetes drug Avandia, citing multiple serious health risks

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