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Issue #87, March 2009

N.J. Appeals Court Vacates $2.6 Million Accutane Verdict

A state appeals court has vacated a $2.6 million verdict awarded to a man who suffered severe gastrointestinal injuries as a result of ingesting Accutane

<i>Levine</i> Cited In Return of Two Cases to 3rd Cir.

Two 3rd Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals' preemption rulings that were appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court have been vacated and ordered reconsidered

MDL Judge Remands 15 Cases to California State Court

A federal MDL judge has remanded 15 Avandia cases to California state court, ruling that the state law failure-to-warn claims did not

Mention of Drug on Plaintiff's Records Insufficient to Create Fact Issue

Ambiguous notations in a plaintiff's medical file that she said proved she ingested brand name Reglan and suffered injury are not sufficient

Court Reverses Summary Judgment Awarded To Wyeth in Fen-Phen Case

A state appellate court reversed summary judgment awarded to Wyeth in a Fen-Phen personal injury case, finding that the

GSK Denied Summary Judgment in Paxil Suicide Case

A federal judge has denied GlaxoSmithKline summary judgment in a Paxil personal injury action, ruling that

Exclusion of Experts Who Pushed Thimerosal-Autism Link Upheld

A state high court has upheld the exclusion of several plaintiffs' experts who opined that thimerosal-containing vaccines cause autism

HRT Case Against Vendor Defendants Dismissed for Lack of Contacts with W.Va.

Several vendor defendants named in a West Virginia hormone replacement therapy suit did not have sufficient minimum contact with the state

Reglan Claims Not Preempted; Court Lets Brand-Name Manufacturers Out

A federal judge has rejected a generic drug manufacturer's attempt to use federal preemption as a basis for having failure-to-warn

Miss. Risperdal Suit Lacks Requisite Federal Issues for Removal, Judge Rules

A state attorney general action alleging that the makers of Risperdal promoted the drug for off-label use and hid information

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