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Issue #92, August 2009

Judge Dismisses Permax, Dostinex Injury Claims Against Par Pharmaceutical

A judge has dismissed Permax and Dostinex injury claims brought against Par Pharmaceutical Companies Inc., ruling that the court lacks personal jurisdiction

Judge Denies Merck Summary Judgment on Fosamax Injury Claims

A federal judge has denied Merck summary judgment on claims of strict liability, negligence, misrepresentation and fraudulent concealment

Federal Judge Bars Questioning of Attorneys With Regard To i3 Study

Applying the attorney work-product doctrine, a federal judge barred the deposition of attorneys in connection with Bayer's acknowledged failure

Federal Judge Tosses Trasylol Marketing Lawsuit

A federal judge has dismissed a Trasylol marketing suit brought by a healthcare fund against Bayer Corp., ruling that

Express Warranty Claim Dismissed, Design Defect Claims to Proceed

A judge has granted Novartis summary judgment on an express warranty claim brought by a plaintiff who claims that her now-deceased husband

Judge Refuses to Certify Class in One-A-Day WeightSmart Case

A judge has refused to certify a class of individuals who allege that Bayer Corp. fraudulently touted its One-A-Day WeightSmart vitamins

Novartis Denied Summary Judgment on Failure-To-Warn, Negligent Design Claims

Questions of fact exist as to whether Novartis issued adequate warnings concerning potential side effects caused by its cancer drug, Zometa

Federal Judge Grants Novartis Judgment on Zometa Injury Claims

A federal judge has granted Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corp. summary judgment on claims that its cancer drug Zometa

Federal Judge Sends Accutane Case to Illinois State Court

An Accutane personal injury case filed against Hoffman-La Roche Inc. has been remanded to state court

Denial of Relacore Class Certification Upheld by Appellate Court

A state court affirmed denial of class certification to a group of plaintiffs claiming that Carter-Reed and others fraudulently marketed Relacore

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