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Issue #5, May 2002

Redhibition Claims Against Pharmacy Enough to Defeat Diversity Jurisdiction in PPA Cases, Judges Rules

Federal judges in Louisiana have agreed to remand lawsuits filed by two plaintiffs after finding that a defendant pharmacy named in the complaints was a good faith seller of the product that allegedly caused the plaintiffs' PPA-related injuries

Actos, Avandia Labels To Warn of Congestive Heart Failure

Manufacturers of the diabetes drugs Actos and Avandia have changed warnings that accompany prescriptions in order to indicate that taking the drugs may lead to congestive heart failure

Northwestern Names Supplement Maker in Third-Party Complaint over Football Star's Death

Attorneys for Northwestern University filed a third-party complaint against the manufacturers of three dietary supplement products claiming they caused football player Rashidi Wheeler to suffer a fatal asthma attack during conditioning drills late last su

Supplement Company Enters Into Consent Decree to Stop Making Ephedra Product

Attorneys for Biogenics Inc. and E'OLA International signed a consent decree April 12 to cease the distribution and manufacture of Amp II Pro Drops and other products after it was discovered the supplements contained ephedrine hydrochloride

Jury Rejects Claim That Accutane Caused Oklahoma Woman's Depression

A federal jury inOklahoma has unanimously found that the acne drug Accutane did not cause a woman to suffer from bouts of depression

Nationwide Class Action Eyes Makers of Serzone Antidepressant

A nationwide class action has been filed against the manufacturer of the antidepressant Serzone after blood test results for two plaintiffs bringing the suit yielded elevated liver enzymes

Pennsylvania Woman Alleges Arava Caused Hair, Nail Loss

A lawsuit filed in Philadelphia against Aventis Pharmaceuticals alleges that one woman's use of the drug Arava caused her to lose her hair and fingernails

Mom's Lawsuit Alleges Accutane Caused Boy To Fly Plane into Skyscraper

The mother of the 15-year-old boy who apparently committed suicide by crashing a small plane into the side of a Tampa skyscraper has filed a $70 million wrongful death lawsuit against Hoffman-La Roche, the manufacturers of the acne medication the boy was

Manufacturer Named in Etodolac Wrongful Death Lawsuit Removes Case to Federal Court

The manufacturers of an arthritis drug that allegedly killed an Alabama man have removed the wrongful death lawsuit filed as a result, arguing that the plaintiff made an unspecified claim for damages

Claims Against Allergy Drug Manufacturer Time-Barred, California Court Says

A man who suspected his vaccine-related injury was caused by a faulty injection procedure, but later discovered it likely resulted from contamination of the drug administered by the inoculation, waited too long to file his corresponding lawsuit

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