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Issue #5, May 2002

A Complete Index of Ephedra-Related Medical Journal Articles from 1973 to Present

<i>COLUMNS-Vaccines</i> to Cover Thimerosal, SV40 Litigation

Thimerosal and SV40 — one a mercury-based preservative in common inoculations, the other a monkey virus that contaminated injectable and oral versions of the polio vaccine in the 50s and 60s — are shaping the future of vaccine litigation.

The Warnings Page: FDA Orders Stronger Warning on Vioxx Label; Consumer Group Petitions for Withdrawal of Arthritus Drug

Ephedra and Its Effects on the Human Nervous System: An Interview with Richard A. Cytryn, MD

Dietary Supplement Labeling: How Do You Say 'It's Good For You'? <i>By James M. Jones, Esq.</i>

Ephedra Products, Manufacturers, and Quick-Reference Facts

Ephedra: Magic Herb or Lethal Diet Plan?

Not All of Plaintiffs' Ephedra Claims 'Subsumed' Within Liability Doctrine, U.S. District Court Rules

A federal court in Alabama has found that not all of the plaintiffs' claims in a case stemming from the consumption of Metabolife 356 may be subsumed under the Alabama Extended Manufacturer's Liability Doctrine (AEMLD).

Pharmacy That Sold OxyContin Was Fraudulently Joined, Federal Judge Rules

A federal judge in West Virginia has refused to remand an OxyContin class action based on his finding that a pharmacy was fraudulently joined to the complaint after being added two weeks after the original was filed.

District Judge Denies Plaintiffs' Motion to Remand OxyContin Case to State Court

A federal judge has found that the possibility of attorney's fees and punitive damages coupled with the plaintiffs' claims for damages in an OxyContin case exceeded the statutory minimum necessary to remand the case to state court...

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