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Issue #9, September 2002

Judge Orders Removal of TV Ads That Claim Paxil is 'Non-Habit Forming'

A federal judge granted the request for a preliminary injunction that would require the manufacturer of Paxil to withdraw television advertisements claiming the antidepressant does not induce dependency.

Stipulated Dismissal with Prejudice Ends Plaintiff's Appeal in Prozac Case

Attorneys representing the relatives of a man who killed his wife and then committed suicide after allegedly ingesting Prozac have submitted a stipulated dismissal with prejudice

JPML Allows Formation of Meridia and Serzone MDLs

The Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation (JPML) has granted petitions requesting the formation of MDLs aimed at centralizing the Serzone and Meridia products liability litigation.

Judge Denies Motion to Remand, Rules Nutrition Store Was Fraudulently Joined

A federal judge denied the motion to remand a woman's product liability action against the manufacturer of an ephedra-based dietary supplement on grounds that the store where she allegedly purchased the product was fraudulently joined

California Woman Claims Bayer Knowingly Concealed Dangers of Baycol

A California woman, who allegedly suffered injuries as a result of her ingestion of Baycol, filed a lawsuit June 28 against the drug's manufacturer claiming that they knowingly concealed the potential dangers of the drug in their warnings and advertising

Motion to Dismiss States Plaintiff Failed to State Claims Upon Which Relief Can Be Granted

A pharmaceutical company has filed a motion to dismiss the allegations of a Louisiana woman who claims she suffered strokes as a result of ingesting over-the-counter products that contained PPA, but who allegedly failed to assert

Federal Judge Rules Quebec Resident's Rezulin Case Should Be Litigated in Canada

A federal judge has granted a motion to dismiss a Canadian man's Rezulin products liability case on the ground of <i>forum non conveniens</i>. U.S. District Judge Lewis Kaplan ruled that the facts of the man's case favor litigation in Canada.

Rezulin Manufacturer Argues Man's Injuries Are a Result of His Own Negligence

The manufacturers of Rezulin contested the allegations of a man who claimed that he suffered injuries as a result of ingesting the diabetes drug by stating that his alleged injuries may have resulted from his own negligence.

Failure to Respond Caused Judge's Decision to Dismiss Oxycontin Case with Prejudice

A Kentucky man's inability to retain new counsel and his failure to respond to a defendant's motion in an Oxycontin products liability suit has prompted a federal judge to dismiss the case with prejudice

Failure to Submit Plaintiff Profile Forms Prompts Motion to Dismiss Propulsid Cases

Attorneys for Janssen Pharmaceutica Inc., and Johnson & Johnson submitted a motion to dismiss with prejudice the claims of 23 plaintiffs involved in Propulsid products liability lawsuits

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