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Issue #10, October 2002

Judge Rules Plaintiff Failed to State Claim Against Pharmacy, Grants Motion to Dismiss

A federal judge granted a motion to dismiss claims asserted against a pharmacy in a Propulsid products liability case on grounds that the plaintiff could not state a claim upon which relief can be granted.

Meridia Litigation on the Launching Pad

Balancing the Scales: The Ongoing Debate Over Meridia

Issue #9, September 2002

CMO Bank-September 2002

Journal Top Ten

Federal Judge Denies Certification of Class Seeking Medical Monitoring and Restitution

A federal judge denied certification of a proposed class of individuals who seek compensatory and punitive damages as result of their ingestion of Rezulin and a subclass of asymptomatic Rezulin users who seek the establishment of a medical monitoring pro

Judge Denies Class Certification for Plaintiffs Asserting Economic Injury Claims

Plaintiffs involved in six separate PPA products liability cases were denied class certification for the establishment of two nationwide subclasses designed for consumers asserting economic injury claims, a federal judge ruled.

Plaintiffs Claim Manufacturer's Did Not Provide Scientific Evidence to Justify Motion for Reconsideration

Attorneys for the plaintiffs involved in a class action against the manufacturers of Paxil argue that GlaxoSmithKline's motion for reconsideration is not justified because it does not contain any new scientific evidence from the FDA that proves the drug i

Judge Denies Motion to Administratively Close and Stay Individual Baycol Cases

A plaintiffs' motion to administratively close and stay individual federal Baycol cases pending final resolution of consolidated pretrial proceedings was denied by a federal judge who ruled that the plaintiffs failed to prove that the case would be subje

Appeals Court Says Lower Court Abused Discretion in Dismissing Wrongful Death Case

A lower court's decision to grant a defendants' motion to dismiss on grounds of forum non conveniens was overturned when the Pa. Superior Court ruled that the court incorrectly assumed the issues of the plaintiff's wrongful death case.

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