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Issue #98, February 2010

Federal Judge Remands Yaz/Yasmin Case to State Court

A federal judge has remanded a Yaz/Yasmin action to state court, ruling that the defendants failed to prove that McKesson Corp. was fraudulently joined

GSK Pulls Zinc-Containing Denture Cream From Market

GlaxoSmithKline announced that it will pull its zinc-containing Poligrip denture cream from the market after numerous personal injury lawsuits were filed

New Jersey Jury Awards $25.2 Million to Accutane Plaintiff

A New Jersey jury has awarded $25.2 million in compensatory damages to a man who claimed that his inflammatory bowel disease was caused by Accutane

Suit Against Name Brand Manufacturers Dismissed With Prejudice

A federal judge has adopted a recommendation that a suit brought against name brand drug makers by a man who alleges that his tardive dyskinesia was caused by

Negligence Claims Dismissed Against Pharmacy in Pain Patch Case

A ederal judge dismissed negligence claims brought against a pharmacy accused of negligently dispensing a defective generic pain patch, ruling that

Judge Dismisses Plavix Claims Against Bristol-Myers, Sanofi-Aventis

A judge has dismissed Wisconsin state-law claims brought against Bristol Myers Squibb-Co. and Sanofi-Aventis U.S. Inc. in conncection with

Negligence, Fraud Claims Against Abbott Labs Dismissed Without Prejudice

A federal judge has dismissed without prejudice a Humira wrongful death action against Abbott Laboratories Inc., ruling that

Liver Damage Case Dismissed for Lack of Credible Evidence

A state judge has dismissed a suit brought by a woman who alleged that taking Tylenol caused her to develop cirrhosis of the liver

Judge Allows Claims to Proceed Against Baby Shampoo Manufacturers

A suit accusing two baby shampoo manufacturers of including cancer-causing chemicals in their products may proceed under Missouri law

Drug Makers Denied Summary Judgment on Inadequate Warning Claims

A Texas federal judge has denied drug makers' motion for summary judgment on state-law failure-to-warn claims brought in a Motrin wrongful death action

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