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Issue #99, March 2010

Four Fosamax Actions are Time-Barred, Federal Judge Rules

State-law claims brought against Merck & Co. Inc. in four Fosamax injury cases are time-barred

Federal Court Finds No Connection Between Thimerosal and Autism

A federal special master has ruled that petitioners have failed to prove that thimerosal-containing vaccines caused their son to develop autism

Jury Finds for AstraZeneca in Seroquel Injury Case

A jury has found in favor of AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals in a Seroquel injury case, finding 7-1 that the drug maker adequately warned doctors of the risks

Learned Intermediary Doctrine Bars Paxil Suicide Claims, Court Affirms

A federal appeals court has affirmed an award of summary judgment in a Paxil suicide case, ruling that the learned intermediary doctrine bars

Paxil Suicide Claims are Not Preempted, 7th Circuit Rules

Federal law does not preempt failure-to-warn claims brought against GlaxoSmithKline

Zicam Suit Remanded to State Court to Determine Plaintiff's Domicile

A federal judge remanded a Zicam loss-of-smell suit to state court, ruling that there is a question as to whether complete diversity exists

Generic Reglan Claims Are Not Preempted, Judge Rules

State law failure-to-warn claims brought against the manufacturer of generic Reglan are not preempted

Neurontin Suit Will Proceed Against Drug Makers in Tennessee

A Tennessee federal judge has refused to grant Pfizer Inc. and Warner-Lambert Co. summary judgment on claims brought by the widow of a man who

Effexor Suit Barred by Learned Intermediary Doctrine

The learned intermediary doctrine bars failure-to-warn claims brought on behalf of a man who committed suicide after taking Wyeth's antidepressant Effexor

High Court: 'Principal Place of Business' is Where Executives Sit

A corporation's principal place of business is where its executives work, not where its products are sold

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