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Issue #6, June 2002

Plaintiff Files Motion to Remand Thimerosal Action, Argues Defendants Failed to Comply with Removal Statute

Plaintiffs in a class action suit against several manufacturers of vaccinations containing mercury-based thimerosal have filed a motion to remand the case to common pleas court on the grounds that the defendants failed to comply with the removal statute

Illinois Woman Alleges Imitrex Caused Heart Attack; Glaxo Removes Complaint

The lawsuit alleges GlaxoSmithKline was negligent in testing, manufacturing and packaging Imitrex, a prescription medication for the relief of migraine headaches

Settlement Reached in Alabama Rezulin Case

Parties in one of the first cases alleging that ingestion of Rezulin caused heart complications have agreed to settle the case before it headed to trial in Alabama

Florida Parents Allege Vaccine Makers, Power Company Caused Boy's Mercury Poisoning

The parents of a five-year-old Florida boy have sued their physicians, several pharmaceutical firms and a local power company alleging they all played a role in their son's neurological disorder, which they claim is mercury-induced

Texas Judge Dismisses Child's Thimerosal Claim, Says Parents Can Recover

A federal judge in Texas has ruled that the parents of a boy allegedly injured by vaccines that contained thimerosal can pursue claims against vaccine manufactures and the companies that supplied them with the mercury-containing preservative, but only for

Issue #5, May 2002

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<i>COLUMNS-Vaccines</i> to Cover Thimerosal, SV40 Litigation

Thimerosal and SV40 — one a mercury-based preservative in common inoculations, the other a monkey virus that contaminated injectable and oral versions of the polio vaccine in the 50s and 60s — are shaping the future of vaccine litigation.

The Warnings Page: FDA Orders Stronger Warning on Vioxx Label; Consumer Group Petitions for Withdrawal of Arthritus Drug

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