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Issue #10, October 2002

FDA Claims That Request for Preliminary Injunction Is Preempted by Federal Law

The FDA has requested that a federal judge reject a recent request for a preliminary injunction to stop Paxil manufacturer GlaxoSmithKline from airing ads that claim the drug is habit forming because it is preempted by federal law, and because the agency

Statewide Class Action Filed by Individuals Who Allegedly Suffered Withdrawal Symptoms from Paxil

Two Louisiana residents filed a statewide class action on behalf of residents who suffered from withdrawal symptoms as a result of reducing or terminating their use of the antidepressant Paxil.

Meridia Manufacturer Claims Louisiana Clinic is Fraudulently Joined, Files Notice of Removal

The manufacturer of the weight loss drug Meridia filed a notice to remove a products liability case to federal court claiming that a Louisiana health clinic was fraudulently joined to defeat diversity jurisdiction.

Florida Class Action Claims Metabolife Failed to Warn Consumers and Physicians

Three Florida women filed a statewide class action against Metabolife International, Inc., claiming that the supplement manufacturer failed to adequately warn consumers and physicians regarding the potential health hazards associated with Metabolife 356.

Widow Claims Supplement Maker and Energy Drink Manufacturer Responsible for Husband's Death

The widow of a professional indoor football player who collapsed last year after a game has filed a lawsuit against the manufacturers of Up Your Gas sports supplements and Red Bull energy drink claiming that the products were defective in design and cause

Judge Rules Plaintiffs Fraudulently Joined<br> Sales Representatives, Pharmacies and Physicians

A federal judge denied motions to remand in multiple Fen-phen product liability actions on grounds that the plaintiffs fraudulently joined pharmacies, sales representatives and physicians in an effort to defeat diversity jurisdiction.

Complete Diversity and Damages in Excess of Jurisdictional Limit Prompt Removal of Prempro Case

The makers of Prempro have removed a case involving an Illinois woman who claims that she developed lumps in her breast as a result of ingesting Prempro.

Arkansas Statewide Class Action Filed Against the Manufacturer of Hormone Replacement Drug

Two Arkansas women filed a statewide class action suit against the manufacturer of Prempro seeking restitution and reimbursement of costs for the purchase of the hormone replacement therapy, attorneys' fees, and the established of a medical monitoring pro

Judge Grants Plaintiff's Motion to Voluntarily Dismiss Nationwide Prempro Class Action Suit

A federal judge dismissed one of the first class action lawsuits filed against the manufacturer of Prempro less than a month after the case was initially filed in state court.

Pharmacy May Be Liable for Redhibitory and Affirmative Misrepresentation Claims

A federal judge ruled that pursuant to Louisiana state law a pharmacy may be found liable for redhibitory and affirmative misrepresentation claims in a Propulsid products liability case.

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