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Issue #7, July 2002

Motion for Temporary Stay Granted in Two Louisiana PPA Cases

A federal judge has ruled that granting motions for a temporary stay of two PPA personal injury proceedings, pending a decision from the Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation on whether the cases will be transferred to the MDL

Ohio Class Action Against Manufacturers of Meridia <br>Seeks Damages for Injuries, Deaths

Five Ohio residents filed a class action lawsuit against the manufacturers of Meridia for recovery of compensatory and punitive damages and the establishment of a medical monitoring program

Judge Grants Pharmacy's Motion to Dismiss; <br>Says Plaintiff Has No Cause of Action in Baycol Case

A retail pharmacy was dismissed from a Baycol products liability case when a federal judge decided the establishment could not be found liable for injuries resulting from a defective drug in accordance with Florida law

Prozac Testimony Ruled Reliable; Judge Denies Motion <i>In Limine</i>

A motion to strike the expert testimony of British psychiatrist was denied by a federal judge who stated the testimony could link the plaintiff's attempted suicide to her use of Prozac

Court Rules Nature of Ephedra Class Action Relieves Insurer's Duty to Defend

A California appeals court has held that an insurer does not have a duty to defend the manufacturer of Metabolife 356 in a class action filed against the company because the underlying third-party complaint does not allege

Court Reverses Order to Quash Subpoenas of Treating Physicians in Ephedra Wrongful Death Case

A New York court has ruled that the testimony of doctors who treated a woman who died after taking an ephedra-containing product is material and necessary to resolve a lawsuit filed

Judge Rules on Defendant's <i>Daubert</i> Motion, Allows <br>Expert Witnesses to Testify in Alabama Ephedra Case

A federal judge has denied a defense motion to preclude the testimony of two expert witnesses in a lawsuit against the manufacturers of an ephedra-containing Metabolife product

Judge Grants Motion to Stay Baycol Class Action, Cites Inability to Estimate Value of Medical Monitoring Claims

The inability to estimate the value of medical monitoring claims as a whole was the basis for a federal judge's recent decision to grant a motion to stay proceedings in a Baycol products liability class action

Federal Judge Rules Plaintiff Complaint Lacks Cause of Action; Dismisses Case

A Louisiana woman's products liability lawsuit against the manufacturers of products containing PPA has been dismissed by a federal judge who decided the plaintiff failed to include causes of action

Judge Rules PPA Allegations Are Beyond Scope of Products Liability Act

A federal judge in Louisiana has dismissed two cases against the manufacturers of products containing PPA, stating the plaintiffs' allegations are ''well outside'' the scope

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