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Issue #101, May 2010

11th Circuit Upholds Exclusion of Study in Accutane Case

A federal appellate court on May 7 upheld the exclusion of a study that purportedly links Accutane with inflammatory bowel disease

Judge Orders Defendants to Show Cause on Remand Issue

A federal judge has ordered the defendants in a Levaquin injury case to show cause why the case should not be remanded

Jury Renders Defense Verdict in Fosamax Injury Case

A New York federal jury has found in favor of Merck & Co. in a bellwether Fosamax injury case, determining that

Avandia Injury Case Remanded to State Court

An Illinois federal judge has remanded an Avandia personal injury action, ruling that there is a lack of complete diversity of citizenship

Judge Excludes Testimony of Plaintiffs' Expert in Trasylol MDL

In the Trasylol multidistrict litigation, a Florida federal judge has excluded the testimony of plaintiffs' expert, Dr. Suzanne Parisian

Name-Brand Manufacturers Prevail in Florida Reglan Injury Suit

A Florida federal judge has granted two name-brand drug manufacturers summary judgment in a Reglan injury suit, ruling that

Pfizer Granted Summary Judgment on Viagra Claims

A Louisiana federal judge has granted Pfizer summary judgment on Viagra injury claims, ruling that

Name-Brand Manufacturers Not Liable for Generic Reglan Injuries

Under Texas law, a brand-name drug manufacturer may not be held liable on a failure-to-warn claim asserted by a plaintiff who ingested generic Reglan

Issue #100, April 2010

Learned Intermediary Doctrine Bars Clozaril Claims, Court Affirms

A Louisiana appeals court majority has affirmed that the learned intermediary doctrine precludes

Judge Allows Claims to Proceed Against Baby Shampoo Makers

A federal judge has allowed claims for breach of warranty and deceptive trade practices to proceed against the makers of baby care products

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