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Issue #11, November 2002

Plaintiff's Motion to Add Non-Diverse Defendants Granted, Case Remanded to State Court

A plaintiff's attempt to pursue medical negligence claims against two non-diverse physicians was furthered recently by a federal judge who granted the man's motion to amend his complaint to include the physicians and remand the case to state court.

Judge Denies Motion to Remand, Rules Pharmacy is Fraudulently Joined

U.S. District Judge Michael J. Davis denied a plaintiff's motion to remand her Baycol products liability case on grounds that the pharmacy defendant was fraudulently joined to the claim.

Plaintiffs' Failure to Comply with State Malpractice Act Warrants Dismissal of Physicians

Two physicians were each dismissed from Baycol products liability actions based on the plaintiffs' failure to comply with a Utah statute that requires a pre-litigation hearing concerning allegations of medical malpractice.

Damages Sought by Proposed Nationwide Class Representatives Would Exceed Jurisdictional Limit

A federal judge denied a motion to remand a proposed nationwide class action suit filed against the makers of Baycol stating that the damages would exceed the jurisdictional limit of $75,000.

Judge Denies Plaintiff's Motion to Amend Complaint to Include Allegations Against Physician

A plaintiff's motion to amend his complaint to include allegations against a healthcare provider and remand the case to state court was denied by a federal judge on grounds that the Court still has subject matter jurisdiction in the case because the docto

Man Claims Metabolife is Liable for Damages under the Louisiana Products Liability Act

A 23-year-old Louisiana man, who claims he suffered a stroke as a result of his ingestion of a dietary supplement containing ephedra, has filed a lawsuit against the supplement's manufacturer claiming that it failed to adequately warn consumers and that t

Judge Rules Supplement Maker Failed to Prove Plaintiff's Claim for Damages Will Exceed Jurisdictional Amount

A federal judge granted a plaintiff's motion to remand a Metabolife products liability case on grounds that the manufacturer could not sufficiently prove that the amount in controversy exceeded the jurisdictional limit.

Issue #10, October 2002

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