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Issue #12, December 2002

Counsel's 'Misstatement of Law' Prompts Fine and Denial of Joint Motion to Strike Recklessness Claims

A defense attorney representing Amide Pharmaceuticals in a PPA products liability case was fined $100 when a judge ruled that his oral arguments in support of a motion to strike claims of recklessness consisted of ''egregious misstatements of law.''

South Carolina Man Files Statewide Class Action Against Manufacturer of Oxycontin

A South Carolina man who has been unable to successfully discontinue his use of Oxycontin due to withdrawal symptoms has filed a statewide class action lawsuit against the manufacturer of the prescription pain reliever.

Injuries Allegedly Caused by Antidepressants Led to Admission to Psychiatric Ward, Loss of Employment

A woman who claims that she suffered injuries stemming from her use of two antidepressants filed a lawsuit alleging that the manufacturers of Zoloft and Celexa were negligent, sold a defective product and failed to adequately warn of complications associa

Nevada Woman Alleges Supplement Manufacturer is Liable for Husband's Death

The wife of Eric Ashment, a 28 year-old Nevada man who allegedly died after consuming a dietary supplement known as ''Ripped Fuel,'' recently filed a products liability suit claiming that the manufacturer is responsible for his death.

Court Grants Preliminary Injunction To Prevent Destruction of Compounding Materials in Fungal-Contaminated Drug Case

According to a Nov. 7 order in the case of a mold-contaminated drug, the court granted the plaintiffs' motion for preliminary injunction to prevent the defendant, a North Carolina pharmacy, from cleaning or tampering with its laboratory and pharmacy areas

Jury Awards $4.1 Million in Nation's First Metabolife Trial

After three days of deliberation, a federal jury returned a $4.1 million award to the four plaintiffs involved in the first Metabolife products liability case to go to trial

Judge Refuses to Grant Plaintiff's Motion for Leave to Amend Second Complaint, Dismisses Deceit and Fraud Claims

A Texas woman will not be given a third opportunity to amend her complaint against the manufacturer of Metabolife to ensure that her deceit and fraud claims conform to Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 9(b), a federal judge ruled.

Judge Rules Employment Records Are Relevant to Plaintiff's Loss of Consortium Claim

The performance evaluations, documents pertaining to absence, and salary information contained in an individual's employment records are necessary to support the plaintiffs' loss of consortium claims, a federal judge ruled in a recent PPA products liabili

Negligence Claims Asserted Against Physician Deemed Valid Under Virginia State Law, Oxycontin Case Remanded

An Oxycontin products liability action was remanded to state court when a federal judge ruled that the plaintiffs' negligence claims against a non-diverse physician and his employer were valid causes of action under Virginia State law.

Judge Denies Motion to Amend, Remand Based on Failure to Comply with Malpractice Act

A Florida woman's motion to amend her Rezulin products liability complaint to add two non-diverse physicians and a registered nurse and remand the case to state court was denied by a federal judge who ruled that the plaintiff failed to satisfy the require

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