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Issue #6, June 2002

Former Military Personnel Sue Manufacturers of Anthrax Vaccine

Twenty-three members of the military have filed a lawsuit in federal court against the manufacturers of an anthrax vaccine after allegedly suffering adverse reactions

Federal Judge Grants Defendants' Motion to Stay; Decision to Transfer to MDL Pending

A federal judge ruled a Louisiana man's case against the manufacturers of a PPA-containing products should remain in the U.S. District Court of Louisiana pending a decision to transfer the suit to Judicial Panel on Multi-district litigation

Parents Seek Medical Monitoring in Class Action Suit against Vaccine Manufacturers

A couple in North Carolina filed a class action lawsuit against the vaccine manufacturers, thimerosal manufacturers and distributors of the preservative in an effort to secure medical monitoring for children who have allegedly suffered neurological damage

North Carolina Woman Files Suit Claiming Lipokinetix Caused Hepatitis

A lawsuit has been filed in North Carolina Superior Court by a woman who claims the manufacturer of Lipokinetix failed to provide adequate warnings concerning potential adverse events related to the weight-loss supplement

Man Diagnosed with Hepatitis Files Suit against Lipokinetix Maker, Fitness Center

A North Carolina man diagnosed with hepatitis after taking Lipokinetix has filed a lawsuit against the supplement's manufacturer and the fitness center where he purchased the product, claiming both failed to properly warn

Plaintiffs File Motion for the Creation of Meridia MDL

The lead plaintiff in a recent class action filed in Illinois urges the creation of a Meridia MDL docket in either U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois or the District of New Jersey.

Plaintiff Files Motion to Remand Thimerosal Action, Argues Defendants Failed to Comply with Removal Statute

Plaintiffs in a class action suit against several manufacturers of vaccinations containing mercury-based thimerosal have filed a motion to remand the case to common pleas court on the grounds that the defendants failed to comply with the removal statute

Illinois Woman Alleges Imitrex Caused Heart Attack; Glaxo Removes Complaint

The lawsuit alleges GlaxoSmithKline was negligent in testing, manufacturing and packaging Imitrex, a prescription medication for the relief of migraine headaches

Settlement Reached in Alabama Rezulin Case

Parties in one of the first cases alleging that ingestion of Rezulin caused heart complications have agreed to settle the case before it headed to trial in Alabama

Florida Parents Allege Vaccine Makers, Power Company Caused Boy's Mercury Poisoning

The parents of a five-year-old Florida boy have sued their physicians, several pharmaceutical firms and a local power company alleging they all played a role in their son's neurological disorder, which they claim is mercury-induced

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