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Issue #103, July 2010

'Nerve Center' Test Thwarts Removal, Federal Judge Rules

A judge has remanded a Lamictal injury case to state court, ruling that the defendant corporation is barred from removing the case to Pennsylvania federal court

Plaintiffs May Not Appeal Exclusion of Parisian Testimony

A Florida federal judge has refused to allow plaintiffs to appeal a previous order excluding the testimony of their expert, Dr. Suzanne Parisian, ruling that

Judge Tosses Reglan Injury Claims Against Wyeth, Schwarz Pharma

A federal judge granted summary judgment to Wyeth Inc. and Schwarz Pharma Inc. on Reglan injury claims on the basis that the drug makers did not

Issue #102, June 2010

Judge Refuses to Dismiss Humira Claims Against Abbott Labs

A federal judge has refused to dismiss negligence and strict liability claims brought against Abbott Laboratories in a Humira wrongful death suit

Judge Refuses to Revisit Dismissal of Motrin Claims

A Texas federal judge has refused to reconsider his decision to dismiss with prejudice marketing defect, negligence and breach of warranty claims brought in

Trasylol Cases Should Remain in State Court, 7th Circuit Affirms

Four Trasylol injury cases cannot be removed to federal court pursuant to the Class Action Fairness Act because they do not have at least 100 plaintiffs

Metoclopramide Claims Against Teva Dismissed for Untimely Service

A federal judge has dismissed metoclopramide injury claims brought against Teva Pharmaceuticals USA Inc., ruling that the drug maker was

Zyprexa Injury Claims are Time-Barred, Judge Rules

Claims that Zyprexa caused a man to contract diabetes and pancreatitis are time-barred because they were filed after the expiration of New York's

Judge Refuses to Dismiss State Law Reglan Injury Claims

State law failure-to-warn claims may proceed against the makers of Reglan and/or metoclopramide because they were

Wrongful Death Action is Time-Barred, Judge Rules

A federal judge has dismissed a fluoxentine wrongful death action on the basis that it was filed outside of the applicable statute of limitations

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