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Issue #8, August 2002

Biting the Magic Bullet: A Look at the SSRI Litigation

What the Experts Are Saying: Trial Testimony<br>of SmithKline Expert J. John Mann, M.D.

A Complete Index of SSRI-Related Medical Journal Articles

Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors:<br>The Trials of a Paradoxical Phenomenon

Motion to Dismiss Prempro Class Action Says Plaintiff <br>Failed to State Claim; Complaint Akin to Race to Courthouse

A motion to dismiss one of the first class action lawsuits filed against the manufacturers of Prempro claims that the plaintiff's lawsuit fails to state claims for which relief could be granted.

Oregon Judge Says 'Adulterant' Issue Is Issue of Fact in Thimerosal Injury Case

A state court judge in Oregon has refused to dismiss a thimerosal personal injury case, finding in the process that substantial questions of fact created by the complaint will be determined by a state court jury.

Federal Judge Rejects Fraudulent Joinder Argument, Remands Rezulin Case

A federal court in West Virginia has remanded a Rezulin product liability case on grounds that the plaintiff, who claims she was injured after taking the drug, has shown sufficient cause for naming the doctor and care facility that allegedly failed to mo

MDL Court to Reconsider Propulsid Class Certification Ruling

A new trial will be scheduled to reconsider a nationwide class certification for medical monitoring relief for individuals who allegedly suffered adverse gastrointestinal events as a result of ingesting Propulsid.

Appellate Court Overturns Decision Regarding Implied Preemption of Proposition 65

A California Appeals court has overturned a trial court's decision that granted SmithKline's motion for summary judgment on the grounds that the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act (FDCA) preempted California's Proposition 65 regarding warnings on nicotine delive

Motion to Lift Stay and Re-Open Case Denied in Two PPA Product Liability Lawsuits

A federal judge upheld a previous decision to stay proceedings in two PPA product liability lawsuits and denied two individual motions to lift stay and re-open the case.

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