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FDA Orders Label Changes for Opioid-Containing Prescription Cough, Cold Medicines

The Food and Drug Administration has ordered the makers of prescription cough and cold medicines containing opioids such as codeine or hydrocodone to change their labels in order to limit the use of those products to adults 18 years and older.

Calif. Appeals Court Upholds Dismissal of Lawsuit Against Maker of Ultrasonic Dental Scaler

A California appellate court has upheld dismissal of a class action accusing the maker of an ultrasonic dental scaler of misleading dentists into believing that the device can be used in surgical procedures, finding that as licensed dentists, the plaintiffs knew that the device was not safe for such use.

Mo. Federal Judge Gives Plaintiffs Chance to Cure Jurisdictional Defects in Essure Action

A federal judge has allowed an amended complaint to be filed in a multi-plaintiff Essure birth control action so that the plaintiffs may attempt to cure the defects in personal jurisdiction as to the non-Missouri plaintiffs.

Pa. State Judge Overturns $27.8 Million Verdict in Xarelto Bellwether Case

A Pennsylvania judge has overturned a $27.8 million verdict in a Xarelto case after hearing testimony from the plaintiff’s doctor that she would have still prescribed the drug had she been provided with heightened warnings concerning the risk of uncontrollable bleeding.

Mo. Federal Judge Allows Plaintiff to Amend Failure-To-Update Claim in Generic Reglan Action

A Missouri federal judge has allowed the plaintiff in a generic metoclopramide action to amend his claims accusing the manufacturers of failing to update their warning labels to conform to that of the brand name drug, Reglan, noting that such claims may not be preempted.

Pa. Appeals Court Reinstates Punitive Damages Claim in Risperdal Gynecomastia Action

A Pennsylvania appeals court has reinstated a claim for punitive damages in a Risperdal gynecomastia case, remanding the issue so the trial court can determine whether the law of the plaintiff’s home state applies.

Calif. Appeals Court Overturns $5.6 Million Verdict in Risperdal Wrongful Death Case

A California appeals court has overturned a $5.6 million verdict in a Risperdal wrongful death case, finding the expert testimony did not prove that the drug, which was administered during a study sponsored by Janssen Research & Development LLC, caused the patient’s death.

Opioid MDL Judge Grants Motion to Approve Plaintiffs’ Leadership Nominations

The judge overseeing the National Prescription Opiate MDL docket has granted a motion to approve a leadership structure and several leadership positions proposed by plaintiffs’ counsel representing parties in the litigation.

Experts Truman, Kantor May Opine As to Safety of Metal-On-Metal Devices in M2a Hip MDL, Judge Rules

The judge overseeing the Biomet M2a Hip MDL has ruled that plaintiffs’ experts Mari Truman and Dr. George S. Kantor may offer opinions as to the safety of metal-on-metal hip devices and the adequacy of Zimmer Biomet’s warnings.

Biomet’s Experts Permitted to Opine on Safety, Engineering and Regulatory Issues in M2a Magnum Hip MDL

An Indiana federal judge has denied plaintiffs’ motion to exclude the testimony of Biomet’s experts in the M2a Magnum Hip multidistrict litigation, ruling the experts may opine as to decisions concerning design and safety, regulatory compliance, and engineering issues.

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