Benzene & Emerging Toxic Torts Litigation

HarrisMartin's Benzene & Emerging Toxic Torts Litigation Report will track recent developments in litigation stemming from exposure to benzene, as well as a number of other emerging areas of toxic tort litigation, such as talc, silica, pesticides and other chemical exposures.



Issue #12, February 2006

Federal Judge Orders Couple to Plead with Particularity

A Mississippi federal judge has ordered plaintiffs in a benzene lawsuit to file an amended complaint more specifically setting

Three Defendants Settle, One Remains in Painter's Benzene Lawsuit

Plaintiffs recently settled with three benzene defendants, leaving just Chemcentral Corp. as the remaining defendant in a lawsuit over the

Radiator Specialty Asks Court to Note Recent, Related Remand Denial

Radiator Specialty has added a supplemental brief in its opposition to plaintiffs' motion to remand, advising the court of a recent

Plaintiff Says Defendants Misstate Pleading Requirements in Seeking Dismissal

Plaintiffs alleging injury from workplace exposure to benzene said in opposition to a defense demurrer that they have met the liberal pleading

Jury Finds for Department of Transportation in Diesel Exhaust Fume Case

A West Virginia jury has returned a defense verdict, finding that while a government entity failed to protect a worker from diesel exhaust fumes

Issue #11, January 2006

Abstracts from the Literature - Benzene January 2006

Liquid Wrench Regulated by Federal Law, Radiator Specialty Claims

Radiator Specialty has opposed a motion to remand, contending that its benzene-containing product was regulated

Benzene Plaintiffs Contend 'Well-Pleaded Complaint Rule' Applies, Moves to Remand

A Texas couple has moved to remand their benzene lawsuit, contending that until their complaint is well-pled, their claims should remain

Scheduling Order Entered in Press Operator's Benzene Lawsuit

A recent scheduling order has rejected preliminary efforts by defendants to limit discovery in a benzene lawsuit to product identification

Plaintiffs Contend Defendants Omitted Information Regarding Benzene Dangers

A benzene defendant has removed the claims of a plaintiff who says his work as an auto mechanic exposed him to benzene and subsequently caused

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