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Issue #Premier, November 2000

11th Circuit: Motive Not a Factor in Allowing Creditor's Counsel to Recover Fees

In a case of first impression, the Eleventh Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals has ruled that a creditor's attorney can recover fees

Plaintiffs Awarded More Than $25 Million in First Round of Tyler Pipe Cases

The first trials involving hundreds of asbestos claims filed against Tyler Pipe Industries have ended with more than $25 million

San Francisco Jury Awards Record $10.3 Million in Paraoccupational Exposure Case

A California jury has awarded $10.3 million in compensatory damages to an elderly woman who developed mesothelioma

EPA Files Suit for Access to Libby Asbestos Site

The Justice Department filed suit Sept. 14 on behalf of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) demanding

West Virginia Court Says Employees Can Sue State for Asbestos Exposure

Employees of West Virginia University who sued the school after allegedly being exposed to asbestos can continue

ASBESTOS LUNG DISEASE<br>A Primer for Patients, Physicians and Lawyers

Part one of a three-part series by Dr. Lawrence Martin looks at asbestos-related illness

Owens Corning (OWC)

Owens Corning announced Oct. 2 that over the next 18 months it plans to eliminate up to 500 of the 1,400 jobs at its plant in Newark, Ohio. Affected by sluggish second quarter earnings, Owens Corning stock hit

Owens-Illinois (OI)

Trading a quarter point from its year-low on Oct. 2, Owens-Illinois was just one month earlier held 19 percent responsible for $10.3 million worth of damages awarded to a 77-year-old California woman

W.R. Grace & Co. (GRA)

In late September, W.R. Grace & Co.'s stock price began recovering from a mid-month decline of nearly 25 percent. The U.S. government sued Grace last month to gain access

Federal-Mogul Corp. (FMO)

The auto parts manufacturer also had a busy month. Federal-Mogul announced Sept. 19 that by mutual agreement it had severed ties with CEO and President Richard A. Snell. In the announcement

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