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Issue #2, January 2001


THE CARCINOGENICITY OF CHRYSOTILE ASBESTOS: <br>Is the Evidence Sufficient for a Global Ban?

Group Can't Replace Sole Plaintiff in Asbestos Medical Monitoring Class, Louisiana Court Rules

The Louisiana Supreme Court has reversed a decision that would have allowed for the substitution of plaintiffs in a medical monitoring class action in place of the sole, original plaintiff, who died

Claims Process Proceeds in Babcock & Wilcox Bankruptcy; Judge Sets Bar Date

Asbestos victims seeking recompense from the Babcock & Wilcox Co. (B&W) have begun submitting claims to the company and may continue to do so through July 30, 2001, as a part of the B&W's Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization. In re:

Owens Corning's Choice for Special Counsel Challenged By Ohio Plaintiffs' Firm

Owens Corning's decision to hire its longtime counsel to guide it through reorganization is being questioned by at least one firm, which says the appointment might cause problems if the debtors' firm

Workers' Comp Is Sole Remedy For Asbestos-Related Death, Louisiana Court Affirms

The Louisiana Court of Appeals has ruled the exclusive remedy for an occupational disease alleged to have been caused by asbestos is the state's workers' compensation scheme because asbestos is a pathogen

Defendants Seek High Court Review of Calif. Appeals Court Second Disease Ruling

Defendants in a recent California case where a seaman was allowed to proceed with a lawsuit filed some five years after he was first diagnosed with asbestos-related illness have filed a petition

Auto Maker Must Show Asbestosis Is 'Economic Threat' Before Receiving Benefits from Fund

Actual proof that asbestosis is an economic threat to the automobile industry is required for Chrysler Corp. to receive reimbursement from the Silicosis and Dust Disease Fund for workers' comp benefits paid

Asbestos Exec. Sues ATLA President Over Alleged Defamatory Statement

A former Raytech Corp. executive claims in a recent complaint that he suffered emotional distress when Baron & Budd partner and Association of Trial Lawyers of America President Fred Baron called him

Attorney-Client Privilege Protects Documents inOCF Reinsurance Dispute, Ohio Court Says

An insurance carrier seeking coverage from its reinsurer for asbestos losses paid to Owens Corning Fiberglas (OCF) may not compel the reinsurer to produce certain documents because they are protected

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