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Issue #1, December 2000

Lapse in Exposure Period Does Not Preclude Future Damages Claim, Louisiana Court Says

The family of a Louisiana man whose asbestos exposure ended years before the state passed a now-defunct law allowing for punitive damages can seek the award as part of wrongful death suit filed against

California Insulator Can't Sue Hirer of Indy Contractor for Negligent Hiring

An insulator who sued several defendants for asbestos-related injuries may not pursue a claim for negligent hiring against a hirer of the independent contractor he works for, a California Court of Appeal

Amended Complaints That 'Relate Back' Are Not Time-Barred Under Jones Act, 6th Circuit Rules

Several amended complaints that allege injuries suffered as a result of exposure to benzene are not barred by the Jones Act's three-year statute of limitations because the complaints "relate back"

Federal Judge Refuses to Reconsider Denial of Motion

Asbestos defendant Atlas Turner Inc. has failed to persuade a federal judge in New York to reconsider his denial of Atlas Turner's motion to set aside a $4.2 million verdict, finding that the defendant waived

'Frivolous' Appeal Properly Assessed Costs and Fees, Affirms Wisconsin Appeals Court

The estate of a man who died of mesothelioma was properly assessed costs and attorneys' fees under state law for filing a "frivolous" appeal from a trial court's decision to strike an estate affidavit

Kentucky Appeals Court Reverses Defense Verdict, Says Jury Instructions Were in Error

The Kentucky Court of Appeals has reversed a defense verdict for Owens Corning, finding that the jury received inadequate instructions when evaluating the personal injury claims of a man exposed

Suit Filed Against Asbestos Manufacturers on Behalf of Deceased Minnesota Congressman

A lawsuit filed on behalf of the late U.S. Rep. Bruce Vento has been filed against 11 manufacturers and distributors allegedly responsible for exposing him to asbestos during his years

Minneapolis 'Fourth Wave' Complaint Alleges Playing in Vermiculite Caused Illness

The next of kin of four Minneapolis residents blame the illnesses of their loved ones on the contaminated vermiculite they played in as children, a complaint filed on Oct. 3 states

California District Court Says OCF Claims Against Big Tobacco Belong in State Court

A U.S. District Court in California has remanded a complaint filed by Owens Corning to recover from several tobacco companies money it paid for asbestos-related claims the company says

Class Certification Denied in Asbestos Suits Against Big Tobacco; Limitations Tolled

U.S. District Judge Jack B. Weinstein has denied the National Asbestos Workers Medical Fund's motion for class certification in its suit filed against the major U.S. tobacco companies to recover expenses

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