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Issue #3, February 2001

Leaving Hazardous Job Not Condition Precedent to Workers' Compensation Award

An employee who retires prior to being diagnosed with asbestosis need not be

Special Workers' Compensation Scheme for Asbestosis Is Constitutional, N.C. Court Rules

The special provisions of the occupational disease amendment relating to asbestosis and silicosis enacted by the North Carolina legislature do not violate the equal protection clause in either the state

Kelley & Ferraro Plaintiffs Want Settlement Dispute Back In State Court

Parties to an asbestos settlement dispute that was removed to federal court after Armstrong World Industries filed for bankruptcy protection are now arguing over whether the case should be sent back to state

Maryland Appeals Court Orders New Trial, May Cap $2.2 Million Awarded Mesothelioma Victim

A Maryland appeals court has directed a second trial be held to pinpoint when the asbestos-related mesothelioma suffered by a former cigarette smoker developed, in order to determine whether

Plaintiff Moves to Set Aside $1.5 Million Verdict in Asbestos Case Against Retailer

Plaintiffs who won a landmark jury verdict against retailer Sears, Roebuck & Co. have petitioned a New York state court, asking a judge to set aside the $1.5 million award and order

First of 3,000 Bethlehem Steel Complaints Is Settled

The first of nearly 3,000 asbestos claims filed in Northampton County, Pa., by former Bethlehem Steel Corp employees has settled just days before the case was to go to trial. Zambor v. Anchor Packing

Plumber's Asbestos Disease Likely Caused by Previous Exposure at Shipyard, Pa. Jury Finds

A jury in Philadelphia has found that a plumber's mesothelioma was more likely caused by exposure to asbestos on a different job than he alleged, awarding a verdict in favor of all defendants named

Florida Jury Awards $2 Million For Electrician's Mesothelioma

A jury in Florida has awarded $2 million to a retired air conditioning electrician who developed an asbestos-related illness after two years of on-the-job exposure

Texas Woman Awarded $4 Million for Late Husband's Asbestos Injuries

A jury in Smith County has awarded nearly $4 million to the wife of a Texas man who developed mesothelioma, allegedly after years of exposure at Kelly-Springfield Tire Co. Shelton v. Brown & Root

Judge Weinstein Declares Mistrial In <i>Falise</i> Tobacco-Asbestos Case

In response to a note from the jury indicating they were deadlocked over the verdict and one member was threatening to kill another, U.S. District Judge Jack B. Weinstein declared a mistrial in a lawsuit

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