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Issue #2, January 2001

Asbestosis Death 60 Times More Likely in Libby

The results of a mortality review conducted by the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) indicate that the rate of deaths due to asbestosis in Libby, Mont., from 1979 to 1998

Oregon Jury Finds for Five Defendants in Mesothelioma Case

An Oregon jury has found for five defendants accused of causing a former sheetmetal and autoparts worker to develop mesothelioma

Asbestos By The Numbers

Federal Judge Issues Temporary Stay in Case Removed in Wake of Armstrong Bankruptcy Filing

A federal court in Ohio has temporarily stayed proceedings in a disputed asbestos settlement action that was removed from state court as a result of Armstrong World Industries' decision to file

Armstrong Identifies Asbestos Liabilities as Weak Link, Files for Reorganization

With its asbestos liabilities growing exponentially, Armstrong World Industries, a major subsidiary of Armstrong Holdings, has filed for voluntary reorganization under Chapter 11

MARF Awards First-Ever Independent Mesothelioma Research Grants

The Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation (MARF) has awarded the first-ever independent grants to two doctors involved in what MARF called cutting-edge efforts to eradicate

Asbestos Test Results

An analysis of dust samples collected from the floors, work areas and tool bins of 31 gas stations in seven cities shows dangerously high levels of asbestos present. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Asbestos-laden Brakes Threaten Health of Nation's Auto Mechanics, Seattle Newspaper Study Concludes

A recent study commissioned by the Seattle Post-Intelligencer has revealed that millions of brakes on cars and trucks, as well as millions of replacement brakes waiting to be installed

Philadelphia Attorney Says Discrepancies Over Contamination of Oral Polio Vaccine Could Hinder Further Analysis of SV40-Mesothelioma Link

A Philadelphia attorney and advocate for plaintiffs in polio vaccine products liability cases says he has discovered evidence that threatens to impede further inquiries into whether SV40 plays

Insurance Coalition Taps Crowell & Moring to Take a Fresh Look at Asbestos Litigation Crisis

In the final months of the old millennium, a group of eight insurance companies began discussing plans to incorporate an organization that could pool its resources

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