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Issue #5, April 2001

$19.8 Million Awarded to Baltimore Shipyard Workers

Three Baltimore shipyard workers have been awarded nearly $20 million for their workplace exposure to asbestos and the mesothelioma

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Federal Asbestos Legislation: The Search for a Strategy

Strangely, given the substantial progress made in the last Congress on this long-festering issue, there is a certain ambient pessimism in the Washington community regarding prospects for comprehensive asbestos

Agency Taking Time to Evaluate Consult on Tremolite Asbestos

Comments about a government consultation compiling medical evidence of health risks associated with exposure to tremolite asbestos are now being taken under advisement by the agency that prepared the document

Independent Study Confirms Crayon-Asbestos Findings; Recommends Universal Method for Future Analysis

An independent study of two popular types of crayons has turned up trace amounts of asbestos, confirming the findings by several researchers and a consumer product safety organization that were released almost

World Trade Organization Upholds French Ban on Asbestos

Finding there was sufficient basis to conclude that chrysotile asbestos poses a significant risk to human life and health, the appellate body of the World Trade Organization has upheld a ruling that allowed

SV40, Role in Human Cancer: Featured on ABC's World News Tonight

ABC News has brought into primetime the debate currently underway over the apparent connection between simian virus 40 (SV40) and some human cancers, including mesothelioma.The virus was

PLAINTIFFS' COUNSEL AND THE CHANGING FACE OF ASBESTOS LITIGATION<br><i>As Bankruptcies Shrink the Pool of Defendants, Counsel Are Finding New Ways to Ensure Full Value for Their Clients' Cases</i>

Call it or its players what you will, the asbestos litigation isn't what it was 30 years ago, or even 30 weeks ago. Recent media reports claim the asbestos litigation, mired

Issue #4, March 2001

Nebraska Court of Appeals Redefines Asbestos Workers' Date of Accrual, Modifies Award

A Nebraska appellate court has ruled that a state workers' compensation court erred

Thousands of Backlogged AC&S Cases Settled in Baltimore

A backlog of nearly 6,800 asbestos cases pending in Baltimore Circuit Court

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