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Issue #5, April 2001

John Crane Sanctioned for Refusing to Settle Asbestos Claims

Asbestos defendant John Crane Inc. has been sanctioned by a Pennsylvania Common Pleas court for refusing to relax its national policy to never settle any of its asbestos cases

California Appeals Court: USX Not Liable for Exposure at Predecessor's Shipyard

A jury award of nearly $6.5 million may be in jeopardy after a California Court of Appeal ruled that the liable defendant did not inherit its predecessor's liability when it purchased

Court Upholds Defense Verdict, Proximate Cause Instruction

A trial court did not err when, in charging a jury to determine the proximate cause of several asbestos-related claims, it failed to shift the burden of proof to defendants, a New Jersey appeals court...

Plaintiff Appealing Oregon Ruling on Motion for New Trial

Attorneys for a former sheet metal and auto parts worker who was on the losing end of a recent verdict have indicated their intent to appeal an Oregon judge's decision to deny plaintiff's request for a new

Jury Awards $6 Million to California Woman Exposed While Father Worked on Brakes

A San Francisco jury has awarded more than $6 million to a woman allegedly exposed to asbestos during childhood as

$8 Million Awarded to Insulator Who Worked at Exxon Mobil Site

A San Francisco jury has awarded more than $8 million to a former insulator who was diagnosed with mesothelioma after years of working around asbestos products

Florida Jury Finds for Defense

A Florida jury has found for defendant AC&S Inc. in an asbestos trial that stemmed from a lawsuit filed by the widow of an insulation cutter, who sought more than $8 million in damages

Kansas City Jury Awards $10 Million to Building Engineer

A jury in Kansas City has awarded $10 million to a man who claimed he developed mesothelioma

California Jury Finds for Friction Defendants in Mesothelioma Case

A California jury has found for the defense in a case where the plaintiff claimed he developed mesothelioma after alleged exposure

$19.8 Million Awarded to Baltimore Shipyard Workers

Three Baltimore shipyard workers have been awarded nearly $20 million for their workplace exposure to asbestos and the mesothelioma

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