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Issue #4, March 2001

Nebraska Court of Appeals Redefines Asbestos Workers' Date of Accrual, Modifies Award

A Nebraska appellate court has ruled that a state workers' compensation court erred

Thousands of Backlogged AC&S Cases Settled in Baltimore

A backlog of nearly 6,800 asbestos cases pending in Baltimore Circuit Court

Interest Calculation Begins with Initial Verdict, California Appeals Court Rules

A California appeals court has ruled that the post-judgment interest owed to a plaintiff should be calculated

Federal Judge Awards $12 Mil. in Meso Case, Bases Interest Amount On Injury Accrual, Not Exposure

A plaintiff's injury began accruing the day a cell analysis was highly suggestive that he suffered from epithelial mesothelioma

Spouse's Cause of Action Arose on Loss of Consortium Date, Louisiana Court Rules

The date of onset of the loss of consortium determines when that cause of action arose

Asbestos Exposure Coupled with Tobacco Use Is a Deadly Conspiracy, Complaint Alleges

Twenty-seven former employees of Ingalls Shipbuilding in George County, Miss., have filed an action against Big Tobacco

Asbestos Companies Suing Big Tobacco to Recover Compensation Paid to Asbestos Workers

Several asbestos defendants have sued Big Tobacco in Mississippi, attempting to recoup money

W.R. Grace Files Response in MDL to Zonolite Attic Insulation Claims

W.R. Grace & Co., manufacturers of Zonolite Attic Insulation, have filed a memorandum in federal court that communicates the company's position

SV40 Litigation Update

Two SV40 products liability cases have been filed in the United States against makers of the polio vaccine

W.R. Grace & Co. (GRA)

W.R. Grace's fourth quarter earnings report was not encouraging, as the insulation maker reported a loss of more than $100 million, mostly because of what it called a spike in asbestos-related claims in 2000

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