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Issue #3, February 2001

Owens-Illinois (OI)

Owens Illinois' stock price jumped nearly 100 percent in the month beginning early December, but leveled out at about $7 a share following news that financial ratings service Fitch was downgrading the company's

Burns & Roe Sues Its Insurers to Recoup Full Defense And Indemnification Costs

An engineering firm that recently filed for Chapter 11 reorganization has sued several of its insurers, claiming they failed to make good on alleged obligations to sufficiently defend and indemnify

Conn. Sup. Court Rules Asbestos Injuries Are 'Multiple Occurrences' For Coverage Purposes

The Connecticut Supreme Court has ruled that several thousand asbestos claims filed against Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. constitute multiple occurrences for purposes of coverage

Louisiana Court: Law Prohibiting Medical Monitoring Damages Cannot Be Applied Retroactively

A change in Louisiana law that prohibits recovery of damages for medical monitoring cannot be applied retroactively to a personal injury claim filed by several plaintiffs occupationally exposed

Calif. Appeals: No Coverage For Post-Policy Asbestos and Environmental Liabilities

A comprehensive general liability (CGL) insurance policy cannot be expected to cover property acquired after the policy period, despite the actual date of the damage, a California appeals court has ruled

Trustee Appoints Committees To Oversee Armstrong Bankruptcy Proceedings

U.S. Trustee Frederic J. Baker has appointed a committee of asbestos claimants and of general unsecured creditors who will oversee the bankruptcy proceedings of Armstrong World Industries

Armstrong Claimants' Committee: Retaining Legislative Counsel Is Futile, Wasteful

The committee chosen to represent claimants in the Armstrong World Industries bankruptcy proceedings has filed a series of objections, most notably to discourage lawyers from pursuing

Judge Says Law Firm Can Alert Homeowners to Possible Presence Of Zonolite Insulation

A judge overseeing a class action filed against the makers of asbestos-containing Zonolite Attic Insulation will allow plaintiffs' attorneys in the case to notify residents in Washington state

Former Grace Workers Told of Possible Plant Exposure; Nearby Homeowners Sue

Minnesota's state Department of Health has alerted former employees of a W.R. Grace & Co.'s Minneapolis vermiculite plant to be aware of health risks associated with possible exposure

Asbestos-Only Judge Proposed in Libby, Montana

State Republican legislative leaders are supporting a senate bill (S.282) that would temporarily add a second district judge in state court in Libby, Mont

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