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Issue #237, July 2020

S.C. Supreme Court Agrees to Review Consolidation of 2 Asbestos Talc Cases Involving J&J

The South Carolina Supreme Court has agreed to review a lower court order consolidating two personal injury actions involving allegations that exposure to asbestos in Baby Powder caused the development of cancer, granting a petition for original jurisdiction and issuing a writ of certiorari.

Asbestos Defendant Moves for Mistrial, Says Counsel Was ‘Barred from Entering Courtroom’ to Conduct Voir Dire

An asbestos defendant that previously contested a court order requiring prospective jurors to wear masks during voir dire has moved for a mistrial, contending that its counsel was barred from entering the courtroom and left “its chances of receiving a fair trial … irreparably damaged.”

Calif. Supreme Court Denies Petition for Review in Dispute over Requiring Potential Jurors to Wear Masks

The California Supreme Court has rejected a petition for review filed by an asbestos defendant who has been fighting a lower court order requiring prospective jurors to wear masks during voir dire.

Asbestos Defendant Seeks Help From Calif. Supreme Court in Dispute over Requiring Masks During Voir Dire

An asbestos defendant contesting a lower court’s decision to require prospective jurors to wear masks during voir dire has sought review from California’s highest court, maintaining its position that doing so will hide the appearance and reactions of potential jurors.

Calif. Appellate Court Denies Petition Contesting Order Requiring Prospective Jurors to Wear Masks During Voir Dire

A California appellate court has denied a petition filed by an asbestos defendant that sought relief from a lower court ruling directing that voir dire in an upcoming trial be conducted with prospective jurors wearing masks.

Calif. Court Awards Summary Judgment to Foster Wheeler in Asbestos Case

A California federal court has awarded summary judgment to Foster Wheeler in an asbestos suit, finding that the plaintiffs had failed to proffer evidence sufficient enough to raise a triable issue as to whether the decedent came into contact with the company’s boilers.

Missouri Governor Signs Legislation Placing New Parameters Around Punitive Damage Claims

Missouri’s governor has signed into law changes to the state’s consumer protection statute, making it harder for plaintiffs to obtain punitive damages.

N.J. Court Denies Post-Trial Motions in $186 Million Asbestos-Talc Punitive Damage Verdict

A New Jersey court has denied post-trial motions filed by Johnson & Johnson defendants in an asbestos-talc case that ended with awards of more than $200 million in damages for four plaintiffs, in part rejecting the defendants’ efforts to obtain a new punitive damages trial.

Missouri Appellate Court Affirms Multi-Billion Talc Verdict in Part, Reverses Finding of Jurisdiction as to Some Non-Resident Plaintiffs

A Missouri appellate court has affirmed a multi-billion talcum powder verdict in part, entering a judgment totaling $2.1 billion in actual and punitive damages against Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc., and Johnson & Johnson.

Issue #236, June 2020

Maine Federal Court Rejects Attempts to Implead MDOT as 3rd-Party Defendant in Asbestos Suit

A Maine federal court has denied an asbestos defendant’s efforts to implead the Maine Department of Transportation as a third-party defendant, concluding that the plaintiff would suffer prejudice should the government agency be allowed to be included in the litigation.

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