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Issue #227, September 2019

Pa. Court Accepts Cosmetic Talc Meso Case Back to Docket after J&J’s Efforts to Remove Case Fail

A Pennsylvania state court has accepted a cosmetic talcum powder mesothelioma case back to its docket, noting that a federal court had rejected Johnson & Johnson’s efforts to remove the case.

N.J. Jury Awards $37.3 Million to 4 Plaintiffs in J&J Asbestos-Talc Trial; Punitive Phase Set for Fall

A New Jersey jury awarded a total of $37.3 million in compensatory damages to four plaintiffs in an asbestos-talc case after determining that their abdominal mesothelioma was caused by their exposure to Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder, sources have confirmed to HarrisMartin Publishing.

Calif. Jury Awards $34 Million in Asbestos-Containing Brake Trial Against Ford Motor

A jury in California has awarded $34 million to a former auto mechanic who contended that exposure to asbestos-containing brakes caused him to develop mesothelioma.

Issue #226, August 2019

N.Y. Federal Judge Denies Clearwater Summary Judgment on Defense Costs Issue

A New York federal judge has refused to award partial summary judgment to Clearwater Insurance Co. in a reinsurance dispute, ruling that questions of fact exist as to whether it is obligated to reimburse Utica Mutual Insurance Co. for asbestos-related defense costs.

5th Circuit Dismisses Asbestos Appeal Again, Says Rule 54(b) Judgment Can’t Retroactively Change Dismissal Type

The 5th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals has dismissed an asbestos appeal for the second time, again for lack of jurisdiction, ruling that a District Court order issued in an attempt to fix the jurisdiction deficiency had no effect.

Del. Court Says Asbestos Claims Against Union Carbide Barred under Bulk Supplier Defense

A Delaware trial court has awarded summary judgment to Union Carbide Corp. in an asbestos case, finding that the company reasonably relied on Georgia-Pacific to warn users of its joint compound products that incorporated Union Carbide’s Calidria asbestos.

Asbestos Claims Against Kodak Dismissed by Louisiana Federal Court on Jurisdiction Grounds

Asbestos claims asserted against Eastman Kodak Co. have been dismissed by a Louisiana federal court, after it was determined that it did not have jurisdiction over the company, which is incorporated in New Jersey and has a principal place of business in New York.

3rd Circuit Affirms Order Denying Honeywell, Ford Motor Access to Asbestos Bankruptcy Documents

The 3rd Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals has denied Honeywell International Inc. and Ford Motor Co.’s efforts to obtain thousands of exhibits produced in nearly 10 asbestos bankruptcies, saying that the public’s right of access to judicial records is not absolute.

Wash. Court Awards Summary Judgment to 3 Defendants in Asbestos Case, Says Causation Lacking

A Washington federal court has awarded summary judgment to several defendants named in an asbestos case, finding that the plaintiffs had failed to connect the former shipfitter’s presence on a particular ship with a particular asbestos-containing product.

Wash. Court Affirms Dismissal of Asbestos Claims Against Pulp Company, Says Alaska Statute of Repose Applies

A Washington appellate court has affirmed the dismissal of asbestos claims against a pulp company, finding that the plaintiff had failed to prove that the underlying claims satisfied an exception to the Alaska statue of repose.

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