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Issue #223, May 2019

J&J Defendants Remove Asbestos Talcum Powder Actions, Cite Imerys Bankruptcy Proceedings

Johnson & Johnson and Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc. have removed a number of asbestos cosmetic talcum powder actions to several federal courts across the country, including a Louisiana federal court, contending that the ongoing bankruptcy proceedings involving Imerys Talc America confer federal jurisdiction.

Issue #222, April 2019

Flooring Tile Manufacturer Denied Summary Judgment by N.Y. Court in Asbestos Case

A New York trial court has denied a motion for summary judgment filed by a flooring tile manufacturer, finding in part that the plaintiff has provided evidence of causation stating that chrysotile fibers can cause mesothelioma.

N.Y. Court Denies Avon Products’ Motion for Summary Judgment in Asbestos Talc Action

A New York trial court has denied Avon Products Inc.’s motion for summary judgment in an asbestos talcum powder action, finding that the plaintiff had raised “credibility issues and issues of fact on general and specific causation, requiring a trial of this matter.”

N.Y. Court Remands Asbestos Talc Case, Says Forum Defendants Properly Joined and Served Prior to Removal

A New York federal court has remanded an asbestos cosmetic talcum powder exposure lawsuit, finding that the in-state forum defendants were served prior to the completion of all three requirements necessary to effectuate removal.

N.J. Federal Judge Refuses to Issue Injunction Forcing J&J Shareholders to Arbitrate

A New Jersey federal judge has denied a request by a Johnson & Johnson shareholder to issue an injunction forcing Johnson & Johnson’s shareholders to resolve their securities disputes via arbitration rather than class action litigation.

CertainTeed’s Attempt for Summary Judgment in Asbestos Case Denied by N.Y. Court

CertainTeed’s efforts to obtain summary judgment in an asbestos case asserted on behalf of a former roofer have been rejected by a New York trial court, which found that the conflicting testimonial evidence raises credibility issues best left for a jury to weigh.

N.Y. Court Rejects Asbestos Plaintiffs’ Efforts to Reinstate Claims Against Kaiser

A New York court has rejected efforts from asbestos plaintiffs to reinstate claims against Kaiser Gypsum, finding that the plaintiff had previously persuaded the court to accept its earlier position that it wanted the defendant out of the litigation.

J&J Defendants File Motion for Directed Verdict in Ongoing Asbestos Cosmetic Talc Trial

Johnson & Johnson companies defending themselves against claims that a Delaware woman’s mesothelioma was caused by exposure to asbestos-contaminated talcum powder products have filed a motion for a directed verdict at the close of the plaintiffs’ evidence, arguing that, even if some of the containers sporadically contained asbestos fibers, this exposure was insufficient to cause her illness.

Prop 51 Does Not Eliminate Joint and Several Liability for Noneconomic Damages, Calif. Appeals Court Rules

California’s Proposition 51 does not eliminate an intentional tortfeasor’s joint and several liability for noneconomic damages, a state appellate court has ruled in reversing a judgment following a $10.3 million verdict in an asbestos exposure case.

3rd Cir. Reinstates Maritime Asbestos Cases, Says Defendants Waived Personal Jurisdiction

A federal appellate court has reinstated 30-year-old asbestos exposure cases filed by merchant mariners, ruling that the defendant shipowners waived their personal jurisdiction defense by continuing to litigate the cases in an Ohio federal court.

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