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Issue #217, November 2018

Mass. Jury Awards $43.1 Million at Conclusion of Asbestos-Tobacco Trial; Defense Verdict Reached for Remaining Asbestos Defendant

Massachusetts jurors have awarded $43.1 million at the end of a joint asbestos-tobacco trial, but reached a defense verdict for the lone asbestos defendant remaining in the trial at the time of the decision.

Issue #216, October 2018

Ill. Jury Awards $6 Million at Conclusion of Pipefitter’s Asbestos Trial Against John Crane

An Illinois jury has awarded more than $6 million to the daughter of a former pipefitter, finding John Crane liable for the decedent’s development of mesothelioma.

Fla. Supreme Court Reinstates $8 Million Asbestos Verdict, Says Frye is Appropriate Test in Florida Courts

The Florida Supreme Court has ordered the reinstatement of an $8 million asbestos verdict, ruling that the court improperly relied on a Daubert standard of admissibility and concluding that an amendment enacted by the state Legislature requiring the use of Daubert infringed on the court’s rulemaking authority.

HarrisMartin: Jury Reaches Defense Verdict for J&J in Asbestos Talc Trial

A New Jersey jury has reached a defense verdict at the conclusion of an asbestos talcum powder trial against Johnson & Johnson, HarrisMartin is reporting.

U.S. Supreme Court Hears Oral Arguments over Maritime Law and Bare Metal Defense

The U.S. Supreme Court has heard oral arguments relating to an appeal concerning whether products-liability defendants can be held liable under maritime law for injuries caused by products they did not make, sell, or distribute.

N.Y. Court Grants Jenkins Bros. Motion to Dismiss on Jurisdiction Grounds in Asbestos Suit

A New York court has granted a motion to dismiss filed by Jenkins Bros. in an asbestos suit on jurisdiction grounds, finding that the plaintiff had failed to establish a connection between a sales transaction in New York and the subsequent exposure in Georgia.

Fla. State Court Judge Sets Asbestos Talcum Powder Case for Non-Binding Summary Jury Trial

A Florida state court has scheduled an asbestos talcum powder case for a non-binding summary jury trial so that the parties “may obtain lay perceptions of the parties’ positions as aids to further settlement discussions.”

Pa. Court Won’t Reconsider Earlier Order Overruling Imerys Talc America’s Objections to Jurisdiction

A Pennsylvania state court has denied Imerys Talc America’s efforts to have the court reconsider an earlier order overruling objections on jurisdiction grounds in an asbestos cosmetic talcum powder personal injury suit.

N.Y. Court Denies Whittaker, Clarke & Daniels’ Summary Judgment Motion in Asbestos Cosmetic Talc Case

A New York trial court has refused to award Whittaker, Clarke & Daniel summary judgment in an asbestos cosmetic talcum powder lawsuit, finding that the plaintiffs had submitted sufficient evidence to support its allegation that the defendant supplied talc to the manufacturers of talcum powder products used by the plaintiff.

U.S. Department of Justice Files Civil Investigative Demand with Asbestos Bankruptcy Trust

The U.S. Department of Justice has filed a civil investigative demand with the bankruptcy trust established to handle asbestos claims against Halliburton Co., asking the Trust to provide information so that the department can determine if a violation of the False Claims Act has occurred.

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