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Missouri Appellate Court Affirms Multi-Billion Talc Verdict in Part, Reverses Finding of Jurisdiction as to Some Non-Resident Plaintiffs

A Missouri appellate court has affirmed a multi-billion talcum powder verdict in part, entering a judgment totaling $2.1 billion in actual and punitive damages against Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc., and Johnson & Johnson.

Issue #236, June 2020

Maine Federal Court Rejects Attempts to Implead MDOT as 3rd-Party Defendant in Asbestos Suit

A Maine federal court has denied an asbestos defendant’s efforts to implead the Maine Department of Transportation as a third-party defendant, concluding that the plaintiff would suffer prejudice should the government agency be allowed to be included in the litigation.

Order Denying John Crane New Trial Affirmed in Asbestos Insurance Coverage Dispute

An Illinois appellate court has affirmed an order denying John Crane a new trial in an insurance dispute involving asbestos claims, saying that the company could not have a “third bite at the apple to try again with the knowledge of strategies that did not succeed at trial.”

Calif. Court Keeps Asbestos Exposure Suit, Says It Has Subject-Matter Jurisdiction

A California federal court has retained jurisdiction over an asbestos exposure lawsuit, finding that the removing defendant had established that the Federal Officer Removal statute was applicable to the design defect claims.

N.J. Court Hears Arguments Relating to Post-Trial Motions in $186 Million Asbestos-Talc Punitive Damage Verdict

A New Jersey court has heard arguments relating to post-trial motions in an asbestos talc case that ended in a verdict for the plaintiffs with a punitive damage award of $750 million, a total that was later reduced by the trial judge to $186.5 million.

Report: Cosmetic Manufacturers Moving Away from Using Talc in Products

Three cosmetic manufacturers have begun removing talcum powder from their products, joining Johnson & Johnson in moving away from using talc body powder in their products, according to a recent report.

Maryland Asbestos Judge Schedules Teleconference to Discuss Postponement of Status Conferences

The judge overseeing Maryland’s asbestos litigation docket has scheduled a July 1 teleconference to discuss the recent postponement of a status conference originally scheduled for September, which was continued over the objections of defendants.

N.Y. Court Denies Summary Judgment to Asbestos Defendant, Cites Conflicting Testimony

A New York court has rejected efforts from an asbestos defendant to obtain summary judgment, concluding that the conflicting testimony raises credibility issues that could not be resolved on papers.

Maryland Judge Continues Status Conference in Asbestos Docket over Defense Objection

The judge overseeing Maryland’s asbestos litigation docket has continued a status conference scheduled for September for one month over defense objections, saying that the postponement comes with a “concomitant extension of the deadlines for plaintiffs’ submissions until 30 days before the conference.”

N.J. Supreme Court: Asbestos Defendants Can Be Held Strictly Liable for Failure-to-Warn of Third-Party Replacement Parts

The New Jersey Supreme Court has affirmed an intermediate court holding that manufacturers in asbestos cases can, under limited circumstances, be found strictly liable for failure-to-warn of dangers associated with component and replacement parts manufactured by a third-party.

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