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HarrisMartin: Calif. Jury Reaches Defense Verdict for J&J in Asbestos Talc Case

Jurors have reached a defense verdict in favor of Johnson & Johnson and Imerys Talc America in what is believed to be the first asbestos-containing talcum powder product case to proceed to trial against the defendants, rejecting the plaintiff’s claims that she developed mesothelioma as a result of using Baby Powder and Shower-to-Shower.

Pa. Jury Finds for 5 Defendants at Conclusion of Asbestos Trial Involving HVAC Work

A Pennsylvania jury has rejected asbestos claims asserted on the behalf of a former HVAC contractor, finding for the five defendants remaining in the case, including Carrier Corp. and Burnham LLC.

Louisiana Federal Court Grants Asbestos Defendant’s Motion to Compel in Drilling Mud Case

A Louisiana federal court has granted an asbestos defendant’s unopposed motion to compel, finding that the discovery sought by the company is relevant and that the defendant has presented evidence to establish that the plaintiffs had failed to timely respond to discovery requests.

J&J Defendants Move to Dismiss Asbestos Case, Say Complaint Fails to Set Forth Factual Basis

Johnson & Johnson and Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc. have moved to dismiss a recently filed asbestos complaint, saying that the lawsuit concerns asbestos and that it is “utterly unclear” from the lawsuit “when, or under what circumstances Plaintiff alleges the J&J defendants were involved in this exposure.”

Jurors Start Deliberating in Asbestos-Containing Talc Case Against Johnson & Johnson

Jurors are currently deliberating in an asbestos case involving Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Powder and Shower-to-Shower talcum powder products, one day after the parties delivered closing arguments in the trial.

N.Y. Court Orders New Trial On Damages Unless Plaintiff Stipulates to Reduction of $7.7 Million Verdict to $3.47 Million

A New York trial court has ordered that a new trial on damages be held unless asbestos plaintiffs stipulate to the reduction of a $7.7 million asbestos verdict to $3.47 million, holding that the original award deviated from what was reasonable compensation.

Pneumo Abex Denied Summary Judgment in Automechanic’s Asbestos Case

A Delaware court has denied Pneumo Abex’s motion for summary judgment in an asbestos case filed by a former automotive mechanic, saying the evidence proffered by the plaintiff created a factual question more appropriately determined at trial.

BorgWarner Awarded Summary Judgment in Secondary Asbestos Exposure Case

BorgWarner’s motion for summary judgment in a secondary exposure asbestos case has been granted by a Delaware state court, which concluded that the plaintiff had failed to prove that the decedent was exposed to the defendant’s product.

Del. Court Awards Summary Judgment to Union Carbide, Says Product Identification Lacking

A Delaware court has awarded summary judgment to Union Carbide in an asbestos case, finding that a reasonable jury could not find, beyond pure speculation, that the defendant was liable for the decedent’s injuries.

N.C. Court Grants Motion Ordering Release of Pathology Materials in Asbestos Case

A North Carolina federal court has granted a motion to release pathology materials in an asbestos case, finding that the defendant’s actions prior to the fact discovery deadline constituted reasonable diligence.

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