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Delaware Court Awards Summary Judgment to John Deere & Co. in Asbestos Action

A Delaware state court has awarded summary judgment to John Deere & Co. in an asbestos action, finding that the plaintiff had failed to present sufficient evidence to support his assertion that he was injured by asbestos fibers in the defendant’s product.

Del. Court Awards Summary Judgment to Ford Motor Co. in Asbestos Case

A Delaware court has awarded summary judgment to Ford Motor Co., concluding that the plaintiff had failed to show that he was exposed to friable asbestos from the defendant’s product.

Rhode Island Court Rejects Efforts to Obtain Court Order Compelling Production of Settlement Details

A Rhode Island court has rejected defense efforts to obtain an order compelling asbestos plaintiffs to provide settlement details, saying that the information would only be relevant to the action of apportioning damages.

Wis. Court Releases Memorandum Listing Reasons for Denial of Summary Judgment in Asbestos Case

A Wisconsin federal court has denied an asbestos defendant’s efforts to obtain summary judgment on grounds that the claims were barred by the state’s statute of repose, concluding that a jury should evaluate whether the defendant’s work was “more in the nature of an improvement or more in the nature of maintenance.”

Del. Court Refuses to Reconsider Order Awarding Summary Judgment to Asbestos Defendant

A Delaware court has refused to revisit an earlier order awarding summary judgment to an asbestos defendant, saying the plaintiff has failed to offer new or supplemental authority that had not previously been considered by the court.

Tenn. Appellate Court Reverses $3 Million Judgment for Ford Motor, Cites ‘Inconsistent’ Jury Verdict

A Tennessee appellate court has reversed a $3 million judgment entered against Ford Motor Co. in an asbestos case, finding that the jury’s verdict was inconsistent in that jurors could not have found that Ford was negligent in failing to warn in light of its finding that the defendant’s product was not defective or unreasonably dangerous.

N.Y. Court Reverses Order Denying Summary Judgment, Says Coke Ovens Affixed to Real Property Don’t Constitute ‘Product’

A New York appellate court has reversed an order denying summary judgment to Honeywell International, reaching the conclusion that the asbestos-containing products at issue did not constitute a product as the trial court had found, but instead were permanently affixed to the real property.

Maryland Federal Court Retains Jurisdiction of Asbestos Case, Rejects Motion to Remand

A Maryland federal court has retained jurisdiction over an asbestos case, finding that the removing defendant had “plausibly” alleged the three elements of the government contractor defense.

N.Y. Court Denies Efforts of Workers’ Compensation Carrier to Apportion Liability for Asbestos Claims to Other Employers

A New York appellate court has denied a request by a workers’ compensation carrier to apportion liability amongst the claimant’s prior employers, saying that there was not definitive proof that the claimant developed the illness while working for another employer.

La. Federal Court Issues Order Relating to Scope of Deposition Testimony in Asbestos Case

A Louisiana federal court has granted in part a motion to compel an asbestos defendant to produce a corporate representative to testify on a number of topics, finding that the plaintiffs were entitled to information that was relevant to their claims.

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