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New York Appellate Court Stays NYCAL Docket in Part in Wake of Defense Challenges to New CMO

A New York appellate court has granted a motion to temporarily stay the New York City Asbestos Litigation docket in part, stating that a stay was granted pending the decision of the motion by the full bench.

Del. Court Awards Summary Judgment to Cleaver-Brooks in Asbestos Case

A Delaware court has awarded summary judgment to Cleaver-Brooks Inc. in an asbestos case, concluding that the expert report proffered on behalf of the plaintiff creates nothing more than a “speculative nexus” between the alleged injuries and the defendant’s product.

Ohio Court Affirms Order Denying Efforts to Administratively Dismiss Lung Cancer Asbestos Claims

An Ohio appellate court has affirmed a trial court order denying defense efforts to administratively dismiss a lung cancer asbestos suit, finding the plaintiff had established a prima facie case.

Del. Court Recommends Summary Judgment for 7 Defendants in Asbestos Case

A magistrate judge in Delaware has recommended an award of summary judgment to seven defendants named in an asbestos lawsuit, saying the evidence did not establish that the defendants’ products were a substantial contributing factor in the plaintiff’s development of lung cancer.

S.C. Court Excludes Testimony of Specific Causation Expert in 2 Separate Asbestos Cases

A South Carolina federal court has granted defense efforts to preclude an expert poised to offer specific causation testimony in two separate asbestos cases, concluding that his opinions could not be used to support a finding of substantial causation.

Plaintiffs Request More Time to Address Defense Challenges to NYCAL CMO Ending Deferral on Punitive Damages

Plaintiffs with claims pending in New York City’s coordinated asbestos litigation docket have written a letter to the presiding judge, asking him not to order a stay in the litigation and to allow the plaintiffs ample time to review defense challenges to a recent CMO.

Georgia-Pacific, Union Carbide Awarded Summary Judgment, Court Rejects ‘Each and Every’ Exposure Theory

A Maryland court has awarded summary judgment to Union Carbide and Georgia-Pacific in an asbestos case, after determining that the plaintiffs’ causation experts would be precluded from offering “each and every” exposure testimony.

Maryland Court Denies Asbestos Plaintiff’s Efforts to Preclude Testimony of Defense Industrial Hygienist

A Maryland federal court has denied plaintiff efforts to preclude a defense certified industrial hygienist from testifying on behalf of Georgia-Pacific, saying that expert’s opinion was based on “sound, recognized, scientific methodology and meets all the requirements of Rule 702.”

Del. Court Awards Summary Judgment to Sears Roebuck Co. in Asbestos Case

A Delaware court has awarded summary judgment to Sears Roebuck Co. in an asbestos case, finding that, under the law governing the claims, the defendant could not be held liable for a product it did not manufacture.

Calif. Appellate Court Affirms Defense Verdict for Exxon, Ford in Case Involving Secondary Exposure

A California appellate court has affirmed judgments, nonsuit, and jury verdicts entered in favor of a number of defendants, finding in part that some of the defendants did not owe a duty to the wife of a former worker.

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