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Calif. Appellate Court Scheduled to Hear Arguments Relating to Trial Preference in Asbestos Case

A California appellate court is scheduled to address a trial preference dispute in an asbestos case, in the wake of a trial court’s refusal to comply with an alternative writ of mandate asking it to vacate its order denying such preference.

La. Court Denies Asbestos Defendants’ Motion for Summary Judgment, Says Questions of Fact Exist

A Louisiana federal court has denied efforts from two asbestos defendants to obtain summary judgment, concluding that the plaintiff has established that he will present admissible expert testimony linking the defendants’ products to his alleged asbestos-related injury.

La. Court Remands Asbestos Case, Says Removing Defendant Failed to Prove Government Control

A Louisiana federal court has remanded an asbestos case, contending that the removing defendants have failed to produce evidence that the U.S. Government prevented Avondale from taking protective measures to prevent asbestos exposure or exercised control over safety procedures or safety department.

N.Y. Court Awards Summary Judgment to Raw Talc Suppliers in Part; Allows Post-1980 Claims to Proceed

A New York state court has awarded summary judgment to raw talc suppliers on claims in an asbestos case arising out of pre-1980 exposure, but have denied the motion as to post-1980 exposure, saying that the plaintiffs have established that there remain issues of fact as to whether the defendants’ talc was contaminated with asbestos fibers.

Calif. Court Refuses to Order Defendants to Pay Costs Related to Depositions in Asbestos Cases

A California state court has refused to issue an order compelling defendants to pay costs related to the depositions of plaintiffs in several asbestos cases, concluding that the plaintiffs had failed to persuade the court that good cause exists for it to compel the defendant to pay the court reporter fees and costs sought by the plaintiff.

La. Court Overrules Challenges from J&J, Other Defendants to Venue in Asbestos Cosmetic Talc Case

A Louisiana state court has rejected efforts to have an asbestos cosmetic talcum powder case moved to a neighboring parish, overruling all defense venue exceptions and denying motions to strike the plaintiff’s amended petition.

N.Y. Court Vacates Recommendation in Asbestos Talc Cases, Allows Report on Baby Powder Sample Testing

A New York trial court has in part vacated a recommendation in several asbestos cosmetic talcum powder cases against Johnson & Johnson, concluding that the plaintiffs should be permitted to use a report from Dr. William Longo that includes testing results of Baby Powder samples.

R.I. Court Retains Jurisdiction of Asbestos Suit, Finds Removal by CBS Timely

A Rhode Island federal court has retained jurisdiction over an asbestos case, finding that the plaintiff only recently disclosed specific CBS Corp. products linked to the decedent’s service in the U.S. Navy.

7th Circuit Declines to Hear Weyerhaeuser Appeal of Order in Asbestos Suit, Says Dispute is Moot

The 7th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals has dismissed an appeal concerning community exposure to asbestos, finding that the dispute is moot in light of a summary judgment order entered in favor of Weyerhaeuser after the appeal was filed.

Wash. Court Refuses to Enter Final Judgment for Union Pacific, Says Other Related Claims Still Pending Against Co-Defendants

A Washington federal court has refused to enter final judgment in favor of Union Pacific Railroad Co. in an asbestos case, saying it was “unpersuaded” by the plaintiffs’ argument that such an order would further judicial efficiency.

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