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N.Y. Appellate Court Denies Motion to Stay CMO Order; Plaintiffs Have Right to Pursue Punitive Damages

A New York appellate court has rejected defense efforts to stay the implementation of a Case Management Order that allows plaintiffs to seek punitive damages in the city’s coordinated asbestos docket.

Mass. Jury Reaches $7.55 Million Verdict in Asbestos Bystander Exposure Case Against New England Insulation

A Massachusetts jury has awarded $7.55 million at the conclusion of a bystander asbestos exposure trial against New England Insulation, whose workers performed asbestos insulation work at the power plant at which the plaintiff was exposed.

La. Court Remands Asbestos Suit After Granting Plaintiff Motion to Dismiss South African Agency

A Louisiana federal court has granted an asbestos plaintiff motion to remand, saying that since it has invested “little time or resources” to handling the claims, which only involve state law, judicial economy would not be compromised by the remand of the case.

Del. Magistrate Judge Recommends Summary Judgment for Asbestos Defendant, Cites Lack of Jurisdiction

A federal magistrate judge has recommended that Exelon be awarded summary judgment in an asbestos case, saying that the plaintiff has failed to establish that the court has specific or general jurisdiction over the defendant.

Wash. Court Awards $7,702.50 in Attorneys’ Fees to Asbestos Plaintiff After Finding Defendants’ Removal ‘Unreasonable’

A Washington federal court has awarded an asbestos plaintiff $7,702.50 in attorneys’ fees after finding that a defendant had relied on an untenable argument in removing the case to federal court for the second time.

Wash. Court Denies Motions to Compel in Asbestos Case, Orders Parties to Meet and Confer on Solution to Dispute

A Washington federal court has denied motions to compel filed against three defendants by asbestos plaintiffs, finding in two of the cases that the disputes between the parties did not call for court intervention.

Parties in Dispute over Ownership of Hawaii Asbestos Firm Assets Reach Agreement

Parties involved in a dispute over who had ownership of an asbestos firm assets in the wake of the founding member’s death have reached an agreement as to all client files, trade secrets and intellectual property.

Del. Court Awards Summary Judgment to Pneumo Abex, Says Asbestos Claims Time-Barred

A Delaware court has awarded summary judgment to Pneumo Abex in an asbestos case, finding that the claims were time-barred since the complaint wasn’t filed until more than four years after the decedent’s death.

Del. Judge Recommends Denial of John Crane’s Motion for Partial Summary Judgment in Asbestos Case

A Delaware magistrate judge has recommended the denial of a motion for partial summary judgment on punitive damage claims in an asbestos case, opining that the plaintiff had submitted enough evidence to create a genuine issue of material fact.

Ohio Court Affirms Award of Summary Judgment to Gasket Manufacturer in Asbestos Case

An Ohio appellate court has affirmed an award of summary judgment entered in favor of a gasket manufacturer, ruling that a late-disclosed affidavit, upon which the plaintiff relied to support claims against the defendant, was not wrongfully precluded.

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