Talcum Powder Litigation Report

Hot on the heels of separate $72 million and $55 million verdicts entered against Johnson & Johnson defendants, HarrisMartin has launched this Talcum Powder Litigation Report, an online-only resource dedicated solely to news on talc-based powder ovarian cancer claims.



Issue #23, October 2018

3rd Circuit Won’t Rehear Order Affirming Dismissal of Talcum Powder Class Action

The 3rd U.S. Court of Appeals has denied a petition for rehearing filed in the appeal of a talcum powder class action, opting not to revisit its recent order affirming the dismissal of the claims.

Talc Plaintiffs Oppose Efforts to Transfer Case to Complex Docket; Say Cases Have Already Been Consolidated for Discovery

Plaintiffs involved in a talcum powder ovarian cancer lawsuit have resisted efforts by Johnson & Johnson defendants to transfer the case to a complex litigation division, arguing that the court has already ordered that the case be consolidated for discovery with other cases pending in the district.

Fla. Resident Files Complaint in State Court, Says Nearly 4 Decades of Talcum Powder Use Caused Ovarian Cancer

A Florida resident has filed a talcum powder complaint in state court, contending that her use of talcum powder products for nearly 40 years caused her to develop ovarian cancer.

Mo. Court Grants Motion to Stay in Talcum Powder Ovarian Cancer Case

A Missouri federal court has granted a defense motion to stay proceedings in a talcum powder ovarian cancer case, finding that the relevant factors “weighed heavily” in favor of granting the stay.

Issue #22, September 2018

Mistrial Declared in Cosmetic Talcum Powder Asbestos Case Against J&J

A mistrial has been declared in the latest cosmetic talcum powder asbestos case against Johnson & Johnson after jurors indicated to the court that they were deadlocked, sources confirmed to HarrisMartin Publishing.

Del. Court Tosses Claims of Non-Resident Talcum Powder Plaintiffs, Says Specific Jurisdiction Lacking

A Delaware trial court has granted Johnson & Johnson’s motion to dismiss the claims of non-resident talcum powder plaintiffs, ruling that it did not have jurisdiction over those claims.

Imerys Talc Fights Plaintiff Motion for Jurisdictional Discovery in California, Says It Has Not Challenged Personal Jurisdiction

Imerys Talc America has filed an opposition brief to plaintiffs’ motion for jurisdictional discovery in the coordinated docket for California talcum powder claims, maintaining that it is not subject to such discovery since it has not challenged personal jurisdiction in the underlying proceedings.

J&J Maintains Calif. Court Doesn’t Have Jurisdiction Over Non-California Plaintiffs

Johnson & Johnson is fighting back at a motion to allow jurisdictional discovery in the coordinated California docket for talcum powder claims, maintaining that the company is not based in the state, that the plaintiffs are not citizens of the state, and that the plaintiffs did not buy the talcum powder products in the state.

Talcum Powder MDL Parties Continue to Discuss Protocol on Newly Available TEM Grids Containing Talc Samples

Parties in the national multidistrict litigation docket for talcum powder personal injury claims are currently working on a protocol for inspecting newly available grids containing historical talc specimens sold by Imerys Talc America to Johnson & Johnson, according to a recent status report.

Talcum Powder Plaintiff Moves to Remand Case, Says Claims Against In-State Defendant Well Supported

A talcum powder plaintiff whose claims were transferred to the national multidistrict litigation docket has asked the court to remand them, saying that documentary evidence supports the allegations that Duane Reader Inc.’s principal place of business is located in New York.

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