Talcum Powder Litigation Report

Hot on the heels of separate $72 million and $55 million verdicts entered against Johnson & Johnson defendants, HarrisMartin has launched this Talcum Powder Litigation Report, an online-only resource dedicated solely to news on talc-based powder ovarian cancer claims.



Current Issue

Defendants in Upcoming Multi-Plaintiff Ovarian Cancer Talcum Powder Trial Move to Dismiss Non-Missouri Plaintiffs’ Claims

Defendants involved in an upcoming multi-plaintiff talcum powder trial involving ovarian cancer claims have renewed their motion to dismiss 17 non-Missouri plaintiffs’ claims for lack of personal jurisdiction.

J&J, Imerys Talc Attack Claims in Asbestos Cosmetic Talc Case; Plaintiff Moves to Remand

Defendants named in a recently removed asbestos complaint involving talcum powder products have filed motions to dismiss conspiracy and fraud claims and to dismiss for lack of personal jurisdiction, maintaining in part that the plaintiff has failed to show that one of the defendants have minimum contacts with Louisiana.

Missouri Court Asks Parties to Address Question of Judgment Certification in Talcum Powder Appeal

A Missouri appellate court has asked parties involved in a talcum powder appeal to address the issue of whether a trial court can remove Rule 74.01(b) language from a judgment after 30 days has expired even though post-trial motions have been filed, according to a recent docket entry.

Missouri Appellate Court Limits Briefing to Personal Jurisdiction Issues in Appeal of $70 Million Talcum Powder Verdict

A Missouri appellate court has again granted a motion to limit briefing to personal jurisdiction issues in an appeal of a multi-million talcum powder verdict, granting a defense motion to narrow the focus of the ongoing appeal.

Appeal of $55 Million Missouri Talcum Powder Verdict Docketed for May

The appeal of a $55 million talcum powder verdict has been placed on the May 31 docket in the Missouri Eastern District Court of Appeal, at which time the appellate court will address personal jurisdiction challenges raised by the defendants.

Jury Adds $80 Million in Punitive Damages to Earlier $37 Million Award in Asbestos Talc Case Against J&J

A New Jersey jury has awarded an additional $80 million in punitive damages to an earlier $37 million award in a trial against Johnson & Johnson and Imerys Talc America, during which the plaintiffs accused the company of manufacturing talcum products that contained asbestos fibers in an amount sufficient enough to cause the plaintiff’s mesothelioma.

Missouri Appellate Court Grants Motion Limiting Appellate Briefing in Talc Case to Personal Jurisdiction Issues

A Missouri appellate court has granted a motion to limit the briefing in the appeal of a $55 million talcum powder verdict to personal jurisdiction issues only, according to the court’s online docket.

Pa. Court Grants Defense Motion to Keep Asbestos Cosmetic Talc Case Out of Asbestos Docket

A Pennsylvania state court has granted a defense motion to assign an asbestos cosmetic talc case to the county’s complex litigation center, rejecting the plaintiffs’ position that the case belonged in Allegheny County’s Asbestos Docket.

Defendants Oppose Efforts to Re-Open Discovery in Asbestos Cosmetic Talcum Powder Action

Defendants named in an asbestos cosmetic talcum powder personal injury lawsuit have opposed the plaintiffs’ request to re-open discovery and extend case management deadlines, arguing that it is clear from the motion that the plaintiffs have “failed to engage in discovery in a reasonably diligent manner.”

Imerys Talc Challenges Jurisdiction in Florida State Court Talc Action, Challenges Reliance on Long-Arm Statute

Imerys Talc America has sought to dismiss another Florida talcum powder lawsuit pending in state court, maintaining that the plaintiffs have failed to allege any facts sufficient to render the company at home in the state for jurisdictional purposes.

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