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Hot on the heels of separate $72 million and $55 million verdicts entered against Johnson & Johnson defendants, HarrisMartin has launched this Talcum Powder Litigation Report, an online-only resource dedicated solely to news on talc-based powder ovarian cancer claims.



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Mo. Court Will Allow Single Plaintiff Talcum Powder Trial to Move Forward in Oct.; No Ruling on Jurisdictional Challenges

A Missouri state court will allow an October talcum powder trial to move forward over defense objections, indicating during a recent hearing that the trial will involve the claims of a single Missouri resident, sources confirmed to HarrisMartin Publishing.

J&J Defendants File Briefs Attacking $417 Million Verdict in Talc Case, Cite Lack of Causation Evidence, Juror Misconduct

Johnson & Johnson and Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc. have filed a motion for a new trial and a motion for judgment notwithstanding the verdict, contesting a $417 million talcum powder verdict on a number of grounds, including lack of causation evidence and juror misconduct.

Imerys Talc America Moves for Summary Judgment in Talcum Powder Case, Says It Can’t Be Held Liable as Bulk Supplier

Imerys Talc America has filed a motion for summary judgment in a Washington, D.C. talcum powder case, arguing it cannot be held liable for defects in the manufacturing or design of finished consumer products that it did not manufacture or design and “over which it has no control.”

Imerys Talc, J&J Defendants Reassert Jurisdictional Challenges to D.C. Talcum Powder Case

Defendants named in a Washington, D.C. talcum powder case have reasserted their challenges to jurisdiction, saying that the court should revisit the issue in light of the Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. v. Superior Court of California ruling rejecting jurisdiction in multi-plaintiff cases.

Calif. Court Affirms Defense Verdict in Asbestos-Containing Talc Case, Finds No Error With Exclusion of Vintage Samples

A California appellate court has affirmed a defense verdict in an asbestos-containing talcum powder case, finding that the trial court did not err when it found that vintage samples of the defendant’s Cashmere Bouquet were not sufficiently reliable to support a plaintiff expert’s opinion.

Talcum Powder MDL Court Outlines Procedure for Tolling Limitations Periods in Cases Involving Personal Jurisdiction Challenges

The judge overseeing the national multidistrict litigation docket for talcum powder claims has outlined the procedure for tolling the limitations periods in cases in which personal jurisdiction has been challenged in light of the U.S. Supreme Court’s Bristol-Myers Squibb holding.

Talcum Powder Plaintiffs in Dismissed Putative Class Action File Notice of Appeal

Talcum powder plaintiffs whose putative class action claims were dismissed by the court overseeing the national coordinated multidistrict litigation docket have filed a notice of appeal, contesting the MDL Court’s opining that the plaintiffs lacked Article III standing to bring the claims.

Talcum Powder MDL Judge Appoints Special Discovery Master Over Plaintiff Objections

The judge overseeing the talcum powder national multidistrict litigation docket has issued an order appointing Hon. Joel Pisano (Ret.) to the role of special discovery master, rejecting concerns raised by counsel for the plaintiffs over Judge Pisano’s affiliation with pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Missouri Federal Court Dismisses Nonresident Plaintiffs’ Talcum Powder Claims

A Missouri federal court has weighed in on challenges to jurisdiction in a talcum powder case, ruling that the plaintiffs’ evidence that talcum powder was sent to a facility in Missouri merely showed a connection with a third-party in the state and was not enough to create specific jurisdiction for nonresident claims.

Talcum Powder Plaintiffs’ Counsel Apologizes for ‘Unintended Offense’ in Suggestion that Special Discovery Master Should be Female

Plaintiffs’ counsel in the talcum powder national multidistrict litigation docket is apologizing to the MDL judge overseeing the claims, saying that its suggestion that a special discovery master should be female was not intended to cause offense.

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