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Developed to serve primarily as a litigation scouting report for plaintiff and defense counsel, insurers and legal service providers, HarrisMartin’s MDL Mass Tort & Class Action Monitor covers significant new filings and decisions in the JPML, MDL and related mass tort arenas. The quick delivery of breaking news and additional features will keep you within close range of every development occurring in the high-stakes environment of mass torts litigation — where minutes can make a difference. The MDL Mass Tort & Class Action Monitor is an online-only offering that includes frequent email updates and is available at no charge to annual and event sponsors of HarrisMartin’s CLE Conferences.



Issue #32, October 2019

HarrisMartin: JPML Creates JUUL MDL Docket, Sends Cases to Northern District of California

The U.S. Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation has opted to create a coordinated multidistrict litigation docket for claims pending against JUUL Labs Inc. for its electronic nicotine delivery system, sending the cases to the Northern District of California, HarrisMartin Publishing is reporting.

J&J, Mallinckrodt Settle Ohio Counties’ Opioid Claims on Eve of Trial

Johnson & Johnson has agreed to pay $10 million on the eve of the first bellwether trial in the federal opioid multidistrict litigation, resolving two Ohio counties’ claims that it grossly misrepresented the risks of long-term use of its powerful painkillers for persons with chronic pain.

Defendants Urge 6th Cir. to Disqualify Opioid MDL Judge for Partiality

Drug distributors have asked a federal appellate court to disqualify the Ohio federal judge overseeing the opioid multidistrict litigation, arguing that his statements concerning a personal objective to abate the opioid crisis via settlements is evidence of partiality.

FDA, DEA Issue Joint Warning Letters to Online Networks Regarding Illegal Opioid Sales

The Food and Drug Administration and the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration have issued joint warning letters targeting four online networks that are allegedly selling opioids illegally.

Issue #31, September 2019

Apotex Corp. Issues ‘Precautionary’ Recall of Ranitidine Drugs

Apotex Corp. has announced that it is voluntarily recalling all of its ranitidine drugs in the United States due to reports that some brand name and generic ranitidine medicines have been contaminated by a probable human carcinogen known as N-Nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA).

Opioid MDL Judge Denies Defendants’ Request to Disqualify Himself

The Ohio federal judge overseeing the federal opioid multidistrict litigation has refused to disqualify himself, rejecting defendants’ arguments that his active participation in encouraging settlement talks is evidence that he is biased against them.

Wash. Man Sues Distributors of Vaping Pen After Developing Lipoid Pneumonia

A police officer has sued six distributors of a Chinese-made vaping pen in Washington state court, alleging his use of the product caused him to develop lipoid pneumonia.

Abilify MDL Judge Dismisses 149 Plaintiffs for Non-Compliance with Settlement Orders

A Florida federal judge has dismissed the claims of 149 Abilify plaintiffs with prejudice on the basis that they failed to comply with orders regarding a global settlement of all cases pending on the federal multidistrict litigation docket.

Sandoz Recalls Ranitidine Drugs, Citing NDMA Carcinogen Contamination

Sandoz Inc. has announced that it is voluntarily recalling all of its ranitidine drugs in the United States due to contamination by a probable human carcinogen known as N-Nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA), according to a MedWatch Safety Alert.

Fla. Woman Says Contaminated Zantac Caused Breast Cancer

A Florida woman has sued Sanofi-Aventis in federal court, alleging her long-term ingestion of the heartburn drug Zantac (ranitidine) caused her breast cancer because it was contaminated with a probable human carcinogen.

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